The Campus Activites Board (CAB) will be holding a “Tweet Off” in the Student Union Rotunda Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011 at 7 p.m.

The event will be a trivia-based game that gets students engaged with CAB through their Twitter page as well as offer different prizes to winners of different Twitter-based activites.

The event is the first of its kind for the student organization, whose 2012 motto is “Trending with CAB,” a play on Twitter terminology. It is one of many ways the group is using social media to connect with more people, said Kendall Allen, CAB’s marketing and publicity director.

“We are implementing a program to help get the CAB name out there,” he said. Recently members have been putting the group’s Twitter page name on t-shirts, banners and posters to push for more involvement from the student body.

CAB will be placing a projector against the small wall of the rotunda that will be hooked up to a laptop. The laptop will be streaming CAB’s Twitter timeline for all to see. Participating students will be signed in to their own accounts on laptops, smartphones, iPads or any device that can access Twitter.

The event is expected to last an hour and a half, with the first 20 to 30 minutes allocated to welcoming participants, introducing the event, eating and mingling with one another, according to a marketing and publicity form.

After people are signed up, three separate games will be played that all revolve around the use of Twitter and will require participants to be engaged with CAB’s page on the website. “Usually, our Twitter feed is public, but during the game it will be made private,” said Michael Griswold, a graduate assistant helping conduct the event. This will ensure that any students who play the game must be Twitter users and follow CAB’s feed, which is @CABUNCCharlotte.

The first game is old-school trivia with an up-to-date technological twist. CAB members, or cabbies, will be presenting participants with 15 questions. Based on a point system that will be displayed on a dry erase board near the projection screen, the winners will be chosen based on who answers the most questions correctly through Twitter the fastest.

The second game will be based solely on speed. Players will be given a CAB-related word or phrase and told to spell it backwards. The first three accounts to show up on CAB’s consistently-refreshed timeline with the correctly spelled phrase will be the winners.

The third and final event, called CAB Campaigners, will have students attempting to recruit bystanders to become followers of the CAB Twitter page. The first three participants to convince three bystanders to follow CAB’s feed and mention the participant’s name in a Twitter message will be the winners.

After three games turn out three winners each, the last 15 minutes will be spent giving out prizes to the nine winners. The prize budget for this event was set at $500, and that will be used to buy prize packs from the Student Union’s bookstore, Barnes & Noble, as well as from other sources.

The grand prize will be an iPod touch, yet it is not clear how the winner of the grand prize will be decided, Griswold said. “There will be plenty of smaller packs full of cool stuff.”

This event is part of a larger push to implement technology and social media uses to grow support within CAB, said Allen. Oct. 24, 2011, two days before the “Tweet Off”, a CAB scavenger hunt will begin on their website.

This event, cohosted by Student Niner Media, will involve retrieving clues from the website, following NinerOnline and CAB on Twitter and reading Niner Times. The prizes for the scavenger hunt include an iPad 2 and a basketball signed by the UNC Charlotte men’s basketball team.