Embellished or zippered boots are predicted to be a popular choice this season. Photo/MCT Campus

The weather seems to have finally made up its mind, allowing girls around campus to dive back in to one of the best parts of fall: boots.

I thought 2010 was one of the best boot seasons yet, but after shopping around the Charlotte area over the past few weeks I have realized that there are so many new boot styles this year that I did not see last year.

I decided to make a list of my favorite boots to wear around campus during the day and out around Charlotte at night.


Wedge boots:

Boots with a wedge versus an actual heel are the perfect way to walk up and down the hundreds of campus stairs without breaking your neck. They are a stunning complement to any casual outfit. For a great heading-to-class look, tuck a pair of leggings into your wedge boots and add a long, loose shirt. Chilly? Loosely drape a scarf around your neck for an outfit that looks effortless.

Combat boots:

Instead of going with the super predictable suede flat boots this season, try a pair of combat boots. Ones that lace up and have multiple buckles can be found for the more daring, but for those who want a simpler look, try the flat boots that only have one buckle. These are just as cute as the louder ones. Running late for class? You’re in luck! Pull these boots on over any pair of jeans for a quick-and-easy substitute for the basic ballet flats.


High-legged boots:

Whether these are wedge-heel boots or have more of a basic heel, go for a pair that come up farther to your knee versus a pair of booties. As much as I love booties, there is no better ego-booster when you are heading Uptown and want to look your best than zipping up a pair of high-legged boots and knowing you look fierce. If you are in the mood to be noticed at night these are the perfect boots to do the job.

 Studded or embellished boots:

Something I am noticing a lot more this year in magazines and in stores are the appearances of studded boots. Normally they are short boots with a platform that have tiny studs on the platform area. Some even have studs all over the boot or on the toe. The craziest pair I’ve seen, yet, that I fell in love with, were covered with cheetah print and studs. Those were definitely for the boldest of boot-wearers. Not into the studs? Some other boots I’ve seen are embellished with other things, such as small buckles or tiny metal designs. These are an interesting take on the basic bootie.

Haley Twist is the former Niner Times Editor-in-Chief. A Religious Studies student who worked with the Niner Times for two years, she has previously served as the Lifestyle Editor and the Arts & Entertainment Editor for the paper. She is a 2012 recipient of the Randall Beavers Memorial Award and a 2013 recipient of the Shameka Smith-Hamilton Award.