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Grave Diggers Ball and a Pub Crawl

Photos by Leysha Caraballo.

Thousands of people in Halloween costumes flooded the streets of Charlotte over the weekend ready to hit the bars for Rich and Bennett’s 17th Annual Halloween Pub Crawl with their best pals. Any visitors in town probably went back into their hotels when they saw how many Pennywise the clown’s were wandering the streets. Out of all the clown costumes I saw, the guy pictured below took the cake. This costume was something out of a nightmare.

Photo by Leysha Caraballo.

After a long and exciting day at the bar crawl, the people of Charlotte welcomed Jon Bellion and his sidekick Travis Mendes to the stage. Bellion got the crowd pumped up by playing some of his popular songs like “Guillotine” and “80’s Films,” as well as his hit song “All Time Low.” Jon did an excellent job of interacting with the crowd and getting them engaged by grabbing the hands of the people in the pit. The shirt he was wearing from his own merchandise that says “Money Is Not The Key To Wealth” on the back seemed to align well with the obvious love and passion he has for performing. It was clear that Bellion has a deep-rooted love for being on stage and wants to spread his positive outlook with all of his fans. The energetic and positive energy these guys gave off made the crowd even more eager to see the headliner for the night.

After Jon Bellion performed, Maney, Roy and LauRen from Kiss 95.1 came onto the stage and introduced Macklemore as the next performer. Soon after they exited the stage, the music started and a man that looked a lot like Freddie Mercury entered the stage and began to sing. Trumpet players and a guitar player followed him onto the stage and began playing along. Next thing you know, Macklemore himself came running out from side-stage and immediately began performing. The crowd was so loud that the people in Southend could probably hear us.

Macklemore gave an electrifying performance. He ran around the stage with his guitarist and trumpet players and leaned in close to the crowd to make it feel like we could just reach out and touch him. He got the crowd’s full attention by spraying us with water from his water bottle. The excitement never slowed down as the bass from the music shook the whole town. At one point in the show, he chose two people from the audience to join him on stage for a dance-off. Shortly after that, Macklemore stepped off the stage onto the hands of the audience as they held him up above them. He stunned the whole crowd by walking halfway through the pit balancing on the hands of the people below him. I have seen performers stage dive before, but never WALK into the crowd like Macklemore. I, along with everyone else, felt a rush of excitement and awe as he pumped his hands into the air and looked out into the crowd and smiled.

TV REVIEW: ‘Rick and Morty’ – Season 3

Image courtesy of Adult Swim/Warner Bros. Television.

The beginning of season three starts off with the family sitting at Shoney’s with Rick, because he just escaped space prison. The family talks for a bit when suddenly an agent from the Galactic Federation named Cornvelious Daniel shows up and tries to gather information from Rick’s memory about the origin of his portal gun. Rick and Daniel watch a Rick from the future try to convince the young, married Rick to make more versions of himself, or as he calls it “the infinite Rick.” The Rick from the future also pushes young Rick to take advantage of science to make the world what it currently is, where he can travel through infinite timelines. As they are watching young Rick talk to older Rick, it shows young Rick talking to his wife when suddenly a bomb comes through a portal and blows up the garage, ultimately killing her. Shortly after, young Rick quickly assembles a portal gun and tries to go back in time to save his wife. This is interrupted by real Rick and Daniel going back to the Shoney’s. Rick mentions that this whole story was fake, but I feel the fact that young Rick was happy and in love with his wife has some significance as to how Rick really feels about his family.

Image courtesy of Adult Swim/Warner Bros. Television.

As the season goes on, Rick continues to emotionally scar Morty and make Beth question her marriage and ultimately question her life. Jerry becomes more and more frustrated with how Rick is effecting the family and makes Beth choose between him and Rick. Beth ends up choosing Rick, and Rick goes on a rant to Morty about how he has taken over the family and become the head of the house. It is evident that even though Rick does not display emotion or love to his family, it is important that he still has a hold on the family as a whole. Rick wants to have control over the family and make them feel like they need him so they will not abandon him.

Episode six, “Rest and Ricklaxation,” is a great example of how Rick really feels about himself. In this episode, Rick and Morty go through a machine that rids them of “toxins,” which is basically the insecurities and negative parts of themselves getting manifested inside the machine in human form, except they are covered in goo. When Rick and Morty leave the machine, they are completely happy and “normal.” Later on in the episode, Rick and Morty meet with toxic Rick and Morty. Normal Rick mentions that if toxic Rick was in control and in the forefront of his mind, he would have been dead long ago. This insinuates that even though Rick does not show emotion, he uses the more emotional part of himself to make decisions so that he can stay alive, because he actually does *want* to love his family.

Image courtesy of Adult Swim/Warner Bros. Television.

In the season finale, Beth really struggles with her identity and self worth. Rick offers her a chance to clone herself and give her clone all the characteristics of who she actually is so that she can “leave earth and wander the infinite cosmos to figure out who she is” and leave the clone on Earth without feeling guilty for leaving her kids behind. Throughout the episode, she gets progressively more stressed because she cannot figure out if she is a clone or not. Out of confusion and need for clarity, Beth goes back to her husband Jerry, because he is the only constant in her life. She comes to the conclusion that simplicity, which Jerry is the epitome of, is what she really needs to be happy.

At the end of the episode, Beth and the family decide that they no longer need Rick and do not want to put up with his insanity anymore. Beth is no longer motivated by the fear that Rick will leave. She even mentions that things will be “more like season one” in the episode. Although things are similar to season one now, the fact that Rick no longer holds a high status in his family will change the whole dynamic of the show.

Mutemath Brings Good Vibes to Charlotte

Sunday evening gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “Sunday funday” when Mutemath came into town to play a show at the Fillmore. The room was filled with an excited feeling as the crowd jammed along with the opening indie rock band “Colony House.” The lead singer, Caleb Chapman, gave an incredible performance and kept the crowd head-banging throughout the entire set. Colony House did not disappoint and certainly got us ready for the incredible Mutemath.

A humming sound echoed in the room as the band entered the stage. The anticipation built as the band members prepared their instruments. The lead singer, Paul Meany’s stage presence was something I’ve never seen before. As soon as the set started, he immediately began dancing in a free-form fashion that showed his “don’t care” attitude. He moved around the stage swinging his arms and bobbing his head. The way he danced and threw himself into the music made it seem like he was in his own world. The energy and happiness that radiated off him made it clear that he loves music and lives to be on stage.

Paul Meany playing the keytar. Photo by Leysha Caraballo.


About midway through the set, Paul Meany brought his young daughter on stage. She beamed with confidence and danced alongside her father as he knelt down to equal her height. It was a touching moment in the midst of a rocking show that had the whole audience saying “awwww.” Not long after she left the stage, Meany was on top of his piano slinging a light bulb attached to a long wire over his head. After swinging it around for a few minutes, he let go of it, not caring where it landed. The spontaneity Meany possesses was shown in this moment. He did not allow a dull moment in the entire show.

Paul Meany singing. Photo by Leysha Caraballo.

Mutemath played several new songs from their latest album “Play Dead” as well as some classics like “Blood Pressure.” They ended the show with one of their most popular songs “Spotlight” and the crowd was not disappointed. The whole room was jumping up and down and singing along to every word. It was awesome to see a room full of people that supported a band that has been playing since 2002.

Paul Meany singing. Photo by Leysha Caraballo.

The band’s love of music and the crowd’s excitement was enough to fill this intimate venue with an energetic feel. Being so close to the band made it feel like we were all a big family. In between songs Meany made a comment that he loves North Carolina and always feels at home here. It’s safe to say that the music lovers in that room felt at home as well.