They’re coming out for sure

Kanye West – “Turbo Grafx 16” (June 1)

A title named after a gaming system (and potentially not the final title), the follow-up to 2016’s “The Life of Pablo” is set to be released on June 1 according to West’s Twitter account. The track supposedly will have seven tracks which is makes it more of a mixtape than a full-length album. After the release of the odd “Lift Yourself,” West has made it known that he is coming back. “Lift Yourself” was a troll piece with the recent controversy towards his defense towards President Trump; “Turbo Grafx 16” will see what West is now in the time since “The Life of Pablo.”

Kanye West and Kid Cudi – “Kids See Ghost” (June 8th)

While West had announced his new album, he also announced that he and Kid Cudi will be releasing a new collaboration project. “Kids See Ghost” is the name of their duo and the self-titled album will be out a week after “Turbo Grafx 16.” After the panned “Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven,” Cudi recovered with “Passion, Pain, & Demon Slayin’.” West has also announced a short film to accompany the album. The film will be directed by Sexter Navy.

Johnny Marr – “Call the Comet” (June 15th)*

Legendary guitarist Johnny Marr returns with his third album, “Call the Comet.” Here we see Marr continue with his solo work two years after the release of his autobiography “Set the Boy Free.” That same year saw the new release of his signature series of the Fender Jaguar. While his last two solo albums, “The Messenger” and “Playland” have met with positive reception, they aren’t regarded as something amazing as something Marr has done with The Smiths or The The. Still, this new album could potentially change minds with the single “The Tracers.” Third time’s the charm?

Nas – Untitled (June 15)*

Iconic New York rapper Nas returns with West producing the album. Six years has passed since his last album, “Life is Good.” Not much else information is known about the new album. But it leaves one wondering what else has Nas left to say? He has made one of the greatest albums of all time (“Illmatic”) and his influence is evident to the modern rappers such as Kendrick Lamar and Joey Badass. A big question to ask for someone of his age.

Nicki Minaj – “Queen” (June 15)

The latest album from Nicki Minaj was announced during a red carpet interview at the 2018 Met Gala. This album will be the follow-up 2014’s “The Pinkprint” and will feature the two singles, “Chun-Li” and “Barbie Thingz.” Music videos for both songs are already out and a documentary will also follow focusing on the making of the album. According to a Rolling Stone interview, Minaj wants have a personal album to captive her audience yet retain the sense of fun like she did in the past.

Panic! At the Disco – “Pray for the Wicked” (June 22)

Las Vegas rock band, Panic! At the Disco will be releasing “Pray for the Wicked” on June 22. The band vaguely hinted at the release of the album through their social media accounts and have already released two new singles. “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” was performed on The Tonight Show and the band will be launching a tour following the release of the new album. One of the dates is in Raleigh, NC. If you’re a fan of the band, it wouldn’t be a bad time to catch them live eh?


They’re coming at some point this summer

Brockhampton – “Puppy” (June 2018)*

After releasing the infamous “Saturation” trilogy, 14-man Hip-Hop collective, Brockhampton will be releasing another album. There’s no sign of stopping Brockhampton as they managed to sign a record deal with RCA Records. With the high amount of members in the group, the ideas will keep on going for this group. If you haven’t already, go and check out the the “Saturation” trilogy. As they managed to immerse themselves into internet culture, it has left a massive impact on the Hip-Hop.

Drake – “Scorpion” (June 2018)

Drake announced his new album to come during June of 2018. It was announced through his Instagram account. The first post featured the back of his jacket featuring the title and month the album will be released. “God’s Plan” is one of the biggest hits this year and is now his longest number one hit single on the Billboard, lasting 11 weeks. Now “Nice for What” is also a massive hit for Drake and the success has left fans hyping up for his new album.


Will they come out this summer?

Death Grips – “Year of the Snitch” (TBA)*

Famed Experimental Hip-Hop group, Death Grips is planning to release an album following 2016’s “The Bottomless Pit.” The band have just released the first single from it “Streaky.” The artwork is out, the tracklisting is out, but what about the date? That’s something to be worth hyping about as Death Grips is one of the most prominent Experimental Hip-Hop groups this decade. Their genre-blending of Hip-Hop, Punk and Noise along with the brutal flows of MC Ride gave to great albums such as “The Money Store” and “Exmilitary.”

My Bloody Valentine – Untitled (TBA)*

The untitled fourth album from My Bloody Valentine is something to look forward to. 2013’s “M B V” was an acclaimed comeback album for the Shoegaze legends and something that left fans wanting more. With lead singer Kevin Shields announcing plans of an EP along with the new album. While the date and the title of the new album is yet to be fully announced. This summer would be a good time for the band to release the album as well as newcomers to take the time to search up their past discography.


Note: This * will be marked next to the album will be one the writer is personally looking forward to.