Carolina Rebellion, a music festival centered around heavy metal and hard rock, returns for its’ seventh run in Charlotte, NC.

The festival will kick-off today at the Rock City Campgrounds at Charlotte Motor Speedway and last until Sunday, May 6. Attendees can expect a variety of acts at four different stages: Carolina Stage, Rebellion Stage, Black Stage and Gold Stage. They can also feast at Pig Out Village or participate in a variety of other festival activities.

Here’s 5 can’t-miss acts for Carolina Rebellion 2018:

Asking Alexandria: A long-time favorite band of many metalheads alike, their music screams “Metalcore” and could very well be one of the defining bands of the genre. Their latest self-titled album came out late in December last year and features a number of hits we hope to hear at the festival. Some of our favorites were “Hopelessly Hopeful,” “Where Did It Go?” and “Alone In A Room.”

Palisades: A post-hardcore band hailing from Iselin, New Jersey. Their latest self-titled album rips through our heart as it tackles the tough, familiar emotions of love and hate that come from a broken relationship. Some of our favorite songs were “Let Down,” “Hard Feelings” and “Memories.”

Bullet For My Valentine: This thrash-metal band has been kickin’ it since 2005, but isn’t looking to quit anytime soon. Their latest album “Venom” came out in 2015 and features a lot of angry, fiery bangers focusing on betrayal and deceit. One of our all-time favorite songs from them that we’re hoping to see live at the festival is “Your Betrayal.”

Incubus: This primarily alternative rock band is loved by listeners spanning from all different realms of the music industry as they’ve made songs that hit almost every genre. They’ve been making music since 1991 and have an impressive and expansive repertoire under their belt. One of our favorite songs from them is “Anna Molly.”

Shinedown: A hard-rock band stemming from Jacksonville, Florida that is headlining the festival. Their latest album “ATTENTION ATTENTION” was released, well today, actually. It is described as a psychological journey that follows an individual from life’s lowest lows to the highest highs as anxieties dissipate and demons disappear and is supposed to be a statement about humanity and our will to overcome struggles and thrive. We’re pumped to see if we’ll be the first listeners of it performed live and if it lives up to their well-known reputation for excellence.