Welcome back to another episode of “The Challenge: Vendettas”! We are entering finale territory and this season could not end faster, in my opinion. There are eight competitors left vying for fame, Instagram followers, and sometimes, money. The women left in the “The Challenge” are fan favorites Cara Maria and rookie Kam, along with “The Real World” veterans Kailah and Nicole. On the guy’s side, its three former “Real World” cast members, Tony, Zach and Leroy, along with U.K rookie and Cara’s bunk buddy, Kyle. However, T.J Lavin makes it known that after part one: Gender doesn’t matter. The top three finalists will be the winners.

The fallout from the previous week was minimized but entertaining nonetheless. Leroy is still pissed at Tony for his decision to save Kyle and send Leroy into the elimination ring with Brad. He said the worst part was Tony not giving him the heads up and refuses to revoke his claim that Tony is, in fact, a bitch. Talks like a bitch, walks like a bitch, Tony has made yet another vendetta. Speaking of vendettas, apparently Leroy is Zach’s! After a long awaited reveal, Zach said that Leroy was his vendetta from a past season. This was mysteriously revealed in the latest episode; for whatever reason. On the flip side, Leroy and Cara Maria are on good terms as Cara actually told him that she was saving her boo thang, roughly five minutes before the elimination.

Finally it was time for the Finale: Part 1. Starting at Kost Castle of Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic, our young participants gathered around to endure the supposed hardest finale ever; no more preposterous word could have been spoken. That was the biggest lie T.J Lavin has spewed since calling Tori a champion. Part 1 was a mile and half obstacle course with a dash of medieval physical hindrances. At each checkpoint, the cast had to don a particular garment, such as shackles or a full metal armour, and then compete in various barriers. Nicole gives up pretty early in the game, due to a sprained ankle. She spent a sufficient amount of time crying on the ground and shaking her head. With Nicole out of the running, Kailah, Kam and Cara Maria are competing to place top two, with Kailah falling behind. Midway through the course, there was a twist; each player had to challenge the eliminated Johnny Bananas or U.K’s Melissa in a game of high/low. Taking place in a dungeon, if they won then they were free to move on, however, if they lost, the eliminated castmate could choose to launch a grenade in their path. Unfortunately, Kam’s bad luck preceded as she was the only one face with a grenade. Kam went from second place for the girl’s to third. Melissa gave her the challenge of burying a log, before she could continue in the race. Leroy was, at a point, leading the pack, but was soon out ran by both Kyle and Zach. As the competitors reach the finish line, it was revealed that Zach, Kyle, Kailah and Cara Maria with be the four to compete in the Finale: Part 2.

With that, “Tony Time” has finally come to an end. He has no chance of winning this season, and with Tony’s past treachery, he is guaranteed to never win one in the future. Also, Kam will be the Rookie of The Year indefinitely. That wraps up Episode 14 of “MTV’s The Challenge: Vendettas,” you can tune in every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. and then read my take on the season here at the Niner Times!