Welcome back to another week of “The Challenge: Vendettas”! At this point, the casual viewer may know six of the 25 players left in the game, but that all changed Tuesday night. “The Challenge” is finally starting to kick up and show some promise this episode. We had drama, suspense, arguments, and best of all? It wasn’t focused on the green room or the past. “Vendettas,” at long last, performed to its namesake as a reality TV show, and it was quite the present.

There’s a new player (metaphorically) in the game this week! U.K Kayleigh is actually on screen for once and it’s not all funny faces. She had more scenes socializing and we witnessed the beginnings of a flirtmance with Nelson, which was alluded to the previous week when she commented on his unattractive facial hair on his otherwise attractive face. Another reason for more Kayleigh? We last left off before the Troika had chosen a female competitor to face Mellisa in competition. Herself, along with Kam, and Alicia are all potential candidates to face Melissa in the elimination. Kayleigh also had the time advantage of Melissa being her Vendetta. Yet neither Kayleigh nor Kam needed to fret. Bananas wanted Alicia out, and he got her out.

After the elimination, the strangest thing happened.


Brad (resident midlife criser), after observing Marie take a box of pizza to her room, followed by another box, questions her integrity and empathy for their other castmates. The food was for the house and not everyone had eaten yet. However, there was a lot more than what Marie took. This causes Marie to fly off of several handles, instantly defensive and begins ridiculing Brad, and the situation itself. She’s quite mean. Yet this altercation doesn’t affect Brad’s libido because him and Britni decided to just have some ‘alone time’ and avoid the drama. It was very short lived as Marie is a spiteful, rude person. In all her excellence, she decided to take the remaining pizza boxes and? Throw them on top of Brad and Britni as they…consummated. Luckily it gets worse! Brad is obviously fed up with Marie and berates her lack of success in life. Marie created a new vendetta that night, but not without a few low blows about his children.

Marie isn’t the only one with Brad on their radar. Zach and Leroy were shown agreeing that if they can’t get rid of Brad next, then it’s Britni’s (Leroy’s vendetta) time to go. As the weeks pass, maybe we will see just who Zach’s vendetta is, or if Bananas is the default villain.

With Melissa winning the elimination round, she was the proud owner of the latest grenade. It came with three lovely options: choose the teams at the next challenge, make another player drink a liter of cream before the competition or to make any player sit out of the competition and head straight to elimination. She may be as dumb (or dumber) than her cuddle buddly Nicole, because there was not much strategy in her choice or how it was carried out. In this scenario, one must use the grenade to their advantage without pissing off multiple people. Last week Nelson chose the Money, therefore benefiting from the disadvantage of one person. The easiest choice Melissa could have done? Made her vendetta, Kayleigh, go straight to elimination! Instead she chose the teams, poorly. Not only did she choose incorrectly for herself, and Nicole but she gave her vendetta an all star team. Somewhat luckily for her, another team won.

The challenge of the week was trivia based, losers have an eating competition of gross and less gross stuff. The set up was very retro 90’s game show, and I thought I was having a stroke when it began. TJ would ask the question, and then losing teams that didn’t have the answer, had to eat the food decided by the winning team. For the majority of the time Bananas, Cara Maria and Kayleigh’s team dominated trivia. That changed when it came down to two teams, Tony versus Cara Maria in eating a bowl of mayonnaise. Tony took the win for the team and subsequently had more pull to pick a team that was up for elimination. His team members were Zach, and Marie. It worked out perfectly for their Troika as they all want Brad out. Brad’s team consisted of U.K’s Joss and Sylvia, Tony’s other vendetta. They are chosen to be the losing team and must decide internally who would go up for elimination.

Here’s the real kicker. On the first round of the competition, Sylvia participated in Joss and Brad’s stead because they did not want to consume rotten cheese. Tony beat them in that round so they were disqualified. So who does Brad vote for to face elimination? Sylvia. Joss follows, making them both into bigger, cowardly, targets.

The episode ends before Sylvia’s opponent is decided, but it’s looking like Britni may be in trouble.

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