Players and coaches look on from the bench. Photo by Chris Crews.

Charlotte Women’s basketball has been having one of their more difficult season. A six win, 11 loss record is nothing to post on the twitter page. After all a .35 win percentage isn’t what the great basketball teams of the NCAA normally clock in with. The Niners however have not lost faith on their season. They have gone 2-3 since conference play has begun. Coach Consuegra is continuing to work with the staff on what exactly is going on with the team.

“The struggle with us is putting together 40 minutes and understanding the streaks and spurts that happen throughout a game. We can go from taking really good shots and getting stops and quickly go to taking really bad shots which result in really easy scores for our opponent.” Consuegra said in an interview on their upcoming game against conference powerhouse Rice.

It is not an issue of talent as Charlotte has recruited a competitive and skilled class in the off-season.

Octavia Wilson, freshman guard for Charlotte, led her high school team to the state semifinals in Maryland where her team had a 21-4 record and was undefeated during regional play, 14-0. Wilson averaged 23 points per game as a junior and was ranked second in her class in the Washington D.C. area.

Mariah Linney graduated from Goose Creek high school where she led her team to a state championship where she dropped 16 points, eight rebounds and 7 steals in the title game. As a senior she averaged 16 points, 5 rebounds, 5 steals and 4 assists. The now freshman guard for Charlotte was also able to post 1,401 points at her time at Goose Creek High school along with 496 assists.

“Its  been a struggle to teach some thing that  just takes experience and older kids on the roster which we don’t have a lot of. We’re trying to work through that and continue to get better and film work this week has really helped with that.” Said Consuegra.

The Niners as a team shoots at 40 percent from the field and rebound well averaging nearly 40.1 rebounds per game.

Junior returner Nyilah Jamison-Myers who averages five rebounds per game and Dara Pearson who averages eight both play a big part in the high rebounding numbers. Laia Raventos, a junior guard who started last season for the Niners, is having an amazing individual season shooting 50 percent from three-point range and averaging 15 points per game.

There is no question that there is superior talent on the team, but putting all the pieces together to work as one is a battle in and of itself.

“Were just trying to tune things up and continue to get sharp at this point in time of the year you’re not gonna make major explosive changes and the truth is were close enough that we don’t need too. It’s the little things like a lot of film work,” Consuegra said. “What I see in practice is improvement and now it’s just a matter of putting it into the games.”

The team will only graduate two members of the team, leaving the possibility of 11 returners for next season. There is still time to make significant improvements for conference play and the Niners will fight to make the most of this season but we can look forward to seeing this team grow and mature into a squad that does real damage in Conference-USA play.