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"The more I learn about you, the more I find out that you are just not a good person."

| December 13, 2017

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Spoiler Warning for Season 1, Episode 4 of Hulu’s “The Runaways”

The recent episode of “The Runaways” is by far the best one yet. No more secrets are held and everyone lays their cards out on the table. We start off this episode with a flashback from 18 years ago. We see Geoffrey Wilder in prison with a friend named Darrius. They are talking when a guard tells Geoffrey that his lawyer is here to see him. Then Geoffrey is lead to a room where a well groomed white man is waiting for him. A few seconds later, his lawyer Catherine Wilder shows up. Although they are not married at this time in the show, it does reveal any early part in their relationship. The well groomed man remains unnamed through the show, which is annoying, but he tells Geoffrey about a piece of land in the hood that his uncle left him before he died and wanted to buy it from him for five million dollars. Geoffrey tells him he wants to be a partner in the business that he has planned for that property, but the well groomed man tells him it wouldn’t work if he’s locked up. Catherine then proceeds to tell the man that he can be free in a month if Geoffrey can be a partner. Geoffrey returns to the prison population and tells Darrius that he will take care of his family if Darrius takes the fall for Geoffrey’s crime so he can get out and Darrius agrees.

Photo courtesy of Marvel Television/Hulu.

We return to the present, where Nico has called Gert, Karolina and Molly to meet her at the coffee shop where Alex was kidnapped. She reveals to them the magic staff she stole from her mother and lets them know it can lead them to Alex. Karolina volunteers to drive and Gert says she’ll call Chase on the way. We are then taken to inside the SUV of the people who kidnapped Alex. It’s Darrius and two of his friends. One of which is a boy named Andre, who is the same age as Alex. Darrius tells Alex about the deal his dad made with him in prison and how he promised he would take care of him and his family when he got out, but Geoffrey lied about the promise. Darrius calls Geoffrey to let him know that he has his son and he wants one million dollars for his safe return. Geoffrey leaves the house clearly angry and calls an unknown contact and tells him he needs three guys and an unmarked car. Meanwhile Chase is with his dad as they work together to build a better version of the fistoguns. In the previous episodes so far, Victor Stein has been portrayed to be a jerk and a man to be feared and avoided in the house, but seeing him and his son bond together while building the fistoguns shows that he does have a human side to him. It is during this time that Chase finally checks his phone and sees the missed calls. He calls her back and Gert tells him that Alex has been kidnapped and they are chasing the car and she will text him the address.

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Geoffrey shows up at the assigned location to do the trade for Alex along with the three guys he brought. A shoot out ensues, leaving many dead or injured. Andre is about to shoot Geoffrey, but Alex still has the gun he took from his dad’s office and shoots Andre to protect his dad. Darrius sneaks up from behind and takes Alex with him. The gang finally catches up to the SUV and Nico gets out of the car and tries to use the Staff of One to immobilize it, but for some reason it doesn’t work. Molly gets out and the shock of everyone reveals her super strength ability by lifting the SUV off it’s back tires. Darrius and another gang member get out of the car to investigate. Darrius is about to shoot Molly when Karolina takes off her bracelet and fires her solar beams at him, distracting him and making the other gang member flee. It doesn’t last long, most likely because its dark, but right at that moment, Chase arrives with the fistoguns and fires laser beams at Darrius knocking him down. Darrius gets back up and starts firing at them, but Nico uses her magical staff to cast a barrier of protection around them. Darrius sees that he is clearly out matched and flees.

Alex returns to his dad and sees him trying to help Andre. Andre is dead, but he is bleeding bad and needs medical attention. Alex wants to help, but Geoffrey demands he goes home. Geoffrey then gets on his phone and tells them he has a live one, but he is fading fast and they need to call an emergency Pride meeting. Alex rejoins the group at the coffee shop as they are discussing how awesome their abilities are. He convinces them to help him save Andre, who was one of the men who kidnapped him because he is pretty sure that their parents are going to use Andre as a sacrifice. The gang returns to Alex’s house and go through the secret passage only to find that the Pride is not there, which means they took Andre somewhere else to be the sacrifice. Alex is pissed and storms off to his room with Nico following him. Alex and Nico share a moment and start making out until Karolina interrupts them to tell them that Chase found a hidden camera in Geoffrey’s office. There is no actual footage on the camera, but Alex finds out that all the footage that was recorded on the camera is being sent to a server inside the company the Minoru family owns.

We are then taken to the Church of Gibborim, where the Pride is performing the sacrifice. The Sacrifice is a success and Leslie Dean (Karolina’s mother) informs everyone that they can leave. Nico returns home where her mother sees her with the Staff of One. Tina is not mad and is actually happy that Nico found out about the staff. She tells Nico that she is the only other person on the planet who the staff will work for. Back at the Stein household, Victor shows Chase an old invention he was working on a long time ago. It’s supposed to be able to show images of the future. Victor says he thinks he finally got it to work and tries to get it to show Los Angeles of the future. When the machine appears not to work Victor lashes out and throws the machine on the floor. Victor reveals to Chase that he has brain cancer, and that he hasn’t told his wife aka Chase’s mother. Chase and Victor leave the lab, and we are shown that the machine does work and it shows a future Los Angeles being destroyed. In the last part of this episode, Leslie Dean returns to the room of the Gibborim to find the man they have been sacrificing teens for is back to full health. Even more surprising is this is the same nameless man who visited Geoffrey in prison eighteen years ago offering him money for the land he owned. He and Leslie start hugging and kissing showing that they are very much in love.

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This was the best episode so far. The battle where everyone reveals their powers was super awesome and at this point in the series, everyone knows their parents are up to no good and know that their parents doing illegal things on the side or have secrets about their family. The show is taking a big turn away from the comic books, which is not bad, but it is making it hard to track where it is going or heading to. The team pulling together to help one another is a big character development from how they started the series when they hated each other. In this episode, we also get more of a look into the lives and problems the parents are facing. I am hoping they keep up this character development and excitement in the next episode.

“The Runaways” is currently streaming on Hulu with new episodes debuting on Tuesdays. 

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