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Spoiler Warning for Season 1, Episode 4 of Hulu’s “The Runaways”

I would have to say this week’s episode of “The Runaways” was the best one yet. So much happened and we got a mini fight scene in this episode, so it’s really good. This episode starts off with a flashback of the day Nico’s older sister Amy died. Nico walks in her room to wake her up for school only to find her sister unresponsive. She notices an empty pill bottle next to her and starts screaming, which makes her parents run in. Nico freaks out and runs to her room to grab her cellphone to call 911, but as soon as she dials, her mom walks in with the staff of one and uses her magic to deactivate the phone and put Nico to sleep. Nico then awakes to find herself locked in her room. She uses the house’s video monitoring system to see into her mother’s office. Her mother hands a white man with a bald head an brown envelope filled with money and all he says is that he’ll take care of it. We later on find out this man is the chief of police showing that the Pride owns the cops.

When they switch to the present day, all six of The Runaways are video chatting, talking about how it’s weird the cops found the body of the girl at the beach that they saw their parents murdered. They all start arguing and jumping to conclusions until Chase ends the video call with “I’m going to protect myself, I suggest y’all do the same.” It’s in this scene we can see Chase building the iconic Fistoguns from the comic books series. We see Alex go to his father’s office only to find that his father has moved the switch that opens the entrance to the secret lair. While poking around to find the new switch to open it, Alex finds that one of the drawers in his dad’s desk has a false bottom. When he opens it, he finds a lot of cash and a pistol sitting on top. This scene was done very well as we can see a little bit of his dad’s personality come out in Alex. We are then moved on to the Yorkes family household where Stacey and Dale are discussing them finding the missing dinosaur (aka Old Lace) that got away in the last episode. In the meantime, the rest of the Pride members have called for an important meeting to get a replacement sacrifice. We see Victor Stein pulls up at the Geoffrey’s home with Robert Minoru beside him. Victor is driving a van and claims to have snatched a young teen girl to use as a sacrifice, but when he opens the van it is empty, pissing off Robert and Geoffrey. This is a very important scene as it shows us that Victor is slowly losing his mind and his grip on reality.

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Nico has been reading her late sister’s diary and is pretty sure now that her parents killed her like the Pride killed that girl they saw. She approaches Alex at school and informs him that she is going to the police station after school to tell the police everything she knows. She asks him to come with her for support and as a witness. Alex tries to warn her that they don’t have enough evidence so the police won’t believe what they tell them, plus it will only reveal to the parents about what they saw. Nico is displeased with Alex’s response and tells him she is going to the police with or without him. In episode 2, Chase got into a fight a few fellow members of his high school lacrosse team after he saw them try to have sex with a passed out Karolina as a party. The lacrosse team approaches him asking for an apology and end up insulting Karolina and spreading rumors about her around school, causing Chase to get into another fist fight with the team, which makes Karolina suspicious. At the Church of Gibborim, Karolina’s mom Leslie Dean is shown having an intimate relationship with the Gibborim as she undresses and has sex with him. Her husband Frank has been suspicous of her activities for the last few weeks now and when he sees her, he calls her out on having an affair. She lies to him and tells him that she has been praying for him because she feels he is ready to go Ultra (which is the highest level in the church, but really it’s a code word for he is the next one to be sacrificed).

After school, Karolina and Gert team up at Karolina’s house to see if they can find a connection between church members going Ultra and the sacrifices their parents are performing. Karolina finds a file on Ultra members on her mom’s computer, but it is encrypted. Gert copies the file on a flash drive so she can pass it on to Alex, who might be able to break the encryption. Chase comes by Karolina’s house later on and tells her what happened at the party and how he saved her, for which she is thankful for. She also removes her bracelet and her body starts glowing to her and Chase’s amazement. At the police station, Alex meets up with Nico to confront the police when they see the same man who appeared at Nico’s house the day her sister died.

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Nico’s mother Tina Minoru is up to no good at this point. We see her back at her office meeting with a white guy with a full beard covered in tattoos. We find out his name is Kincaid and that he has brought her some information that she has paid him to find for her. It is not clear what that information is or who the information is about yet, but that will become clear soon. Back at the Yorkes household, Molly is home alone when she is alerted by strange noises in the house. When she goes to investigate, she is startled by the dinosaur Old Lace. A mini fight ensues with Molly using her gift of super strength along with a kick to send Old Lace flying into the ceiling. Molly makes a run down stairs to get out, but Old Lace has regained composure and has cut her off before she can reach the front door. They both stare each other down for a moment, both sizing the other one up. Molly clentches her fist and both her and Old Lace charge at each other right when Gert bursts through the front door screaming stop, instantly freezing the fight. Gert barks a few more commands at Old Lace and notices that the dinosaur actually listens to her every command. Just as they are figuring this out, Stacey and Dale return home to see their big secret has been found out. They lock the dinosaur back into it’s cage and are about to explain to Molly and Gert why they have a dinosaur and what has really been going on, but they are interrupted by a surprise visit from Tina. Tina informs them that she knows about their plans to run and get away from the Pride. She lets them know that if they attempt to run she will find them and that the punishment will be fatal.

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While things are turning upside down for the Yorkes, Chase is at home in his father’s lab working on the fistoguns. He is caught by his father, who is surprisingly not mad at all. In fact he wants to help his son build and improve on the current model. Alex and Nico sit at a coffee shop waiting for Alex’s laptop to crack the encryption on the Church of Gibborim files. When it finally does, they find a file called Runaways and learn that their parents have been kidnapping runaway teens off the street and using them as sacrifices and have been doing so for 15 years. Alex hears his car alarm go off outside and goes to turn it off while Nico calls Karolina to tell her the news. Nico hears a scuffle outside and when she goes to check she sees Alex disappear into a black SUV that speeds away and tells Karolina that Alex has been kidnapped.

This was a really good episode. I have a pretty good bet that the guys who took Alex are those vampires the teens met up with earlier in the comics. I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t doubt it the way the show is going. Finding out the Yorkes were planning on running was a big surprise, one that wasn’t in the comics. I loved this episodes mini fight between Molly and Old Lace and hope we can get more full on fights as the series progresses. So far Hulu has not dissapointed in presentation with graphics and settings and the writers have not dissapointed with story telling and plot details. I think its safe to say The Runaways is a winner!

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