“Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition” – Dec. 5 for PS4

Screenshot courtesy of Guerrilla Games

Starting the month is “Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition,” which includes the base game and its single DLC, “The Frozen Wilds.” “Horizon” was one of the biggest releases from Sony this year, and introduced players to an entirely new world in which nature has taken over technology. We also meet the protagonist Aloy, who is a hunter of the game’s giant machine inhabitants and is at first isolated from the rest of society. The open world was a delight to explore, and its DLC only expanded on that with an entirely new story-line as well. If you are a PS4 owner without this game, this is one that I highly recommend. Players can get their hands on the “Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition” when it releases on December 5 for PS4.

“The Walking Dead Collection” – Dec. 5 for PS4 and Xbox One

Screenshot courtesy of Telltale Games

One of the finest stories told in games, Telltale is releasing a collection of all their “The Walking Dead” episodes in preparation for the final season. This package not only includes the core three seasons, but the “400 Days” episode and the “Michonne” side story as well. All of the episodes prior to the latest season are also getting some graphical updates as well, making them more on par with what Telltale is putting out now. If you have not played the series before, this is one I think is well worth the purchase if you have any interest, as it introduces one of the most beloved video game characters of all-time in Clementine alone. This makes a good jumping-in point for newcomers to the series, and the graphical enhancements may make it worthwhile to play for a refresher for returning players as well with the final season on the way. Those interested can make their jump into “The Walking Dead” universe via the PS4 and Xbox One.

“Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition” – Dec. 12 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Image courtesy of Capcom

The most recent mainline “Resident Evil” games released to poor critical reception, with many claiming its shift away from survival horror and towards action being the culprit. Thankfully, “Resident Evil 7” performs a sort of soft reboot for the franchise, bringing it back to its unsettling atmosphere rooted in resource conservation. The new first-person perspective also greatly rejuvenated the series, as did its inclusion on the PSVR, providing an even more immersive experience. The game centers around a man who’s wife has been gone for a few years, only to find a video message from her saying she is somewhere in the bayou of Louisiana. This edition includes all of its DLC, which releases on the same day as its last piece of DLC and a free chapter/epilogue of sorts. If you are a burned fan of the series or just looking for a terrific survival horror game, “Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition” is the perfect place to jump in at. Barring a few references, the game itself does not rely on the player having prior knowledge to previous titles, making the story easy to follow. Fans can jump into the Baker household on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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