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Old and new demons rear their ugly heads in the sixth episode of “The Gifted.” The war between Mutants and Sentinel Services intensifies in this week’s episode. An angry Jace Turner, head of the Sentinel Services Investigation, returns to HQ with a chip on his shoulder after Sonya (aka The Dreamer) accidentally removed the memory of his daughter’s death. He takes his anger out on fellow employees throughout this episode and makes a call to Dr. Roderick Campbell (aka Ahab). We met Ahab in the first episode of the series. He is a scientist who owns a facility where they experiment on mutants and are believed to turn them into weapons. Ahab called Jace in the first episode wanting his facility and Sentinel Services to have a partnership, but Jace initially refused. After his encounter with Dreamer, however, it seems that he now has a change of heart. Jace and Ahab make an agreement to work together, and part of that agreement is that Ahab gets the Struck twins if they are ever captured. It is not revealed yet why he wants them, but he does show a general interest in them and their powers specifically.

Back at Mutant Underground HQ, Johnny (aka Thunderbird) wants to assemble a team to break into a government facility in Baton Rouge to steal the files the facility has on mutants. Johnny is hoping that somewhere in those files lie the secrets to the techniques they used to brainwash his friend Pulse and possibly other mutants into working for them. Johnny knows he needs Clarice (aka Blink) to open a portal that will put his team inside the facility. Her powers will be their ticket into getting in quietly and getting out fast. Blink is still not happy about Dreamer using her powers on her and Johnny keeping it a secret from her when he found out. Blink and Johnny have an argument about the situation and Blink storms off, leaving Johnny to find a different solution. Johnny is talking with his team at the round table (which I am officially now calling the war room) about an alternate route to get into the building. Andy steps up and offers to help them. It is in this moment and many more moments throughout the episode that he shows Magneto-like tendencies into how he is developing as a character.

Photo courtesy of 20th Television and FOX.

Originally, his dad Reed is, of course, against the plan as he doesn’t want any of his children in harm’s way, but Andy makes the point that he is a mutant and that this is his fight, too. Lauren is shown helping her mom with the relief effort of the new mutants that are arriving at HQ after Sentinel Services hit the city hard looking for any mutant hideout they can find. While gathering supplies, she encounters one of the new members, a boy named Wes who has the power to make illusions so that you see what is not actually there. It is clearly shown that a love interest between her and this new character is blooming and will play a role in future events down the line. Lorna (aka Polaris) is shown gathering mutants she thinks show promise and can be helpful in battle. This makes her and Caitlin bump heads as Caitlin doesn’t believe in violence and Lorna trying to explain to her that the only way they will gain freedom is if they fight for it. The two can’t come to an agreement, but Caitlin makes it clear that she does not want Lauren as a part of combat training.

Marcos (aka Eclipse), Reed and Andy hitch a ride in the back of an 18-wheeler for their ride to Baton Rouge. It is during this ride that Reed and Andy get to have a heart-to-heart moment and talk about Andy’s powers. Reed is not as comfortable with Andy’s power unlike his sisters, because Andy’s power is used to destroy and tear things apart, but Andy is proud of his power and is proud to be a mutant. In Baton Rouge, Andy uses his power to tear a hole in a parking deck wall closest to the building. Marcos and Reed go inside and quickly locate the  target office. Reed grabs the files while Marcos gets the hard drive off the computer.

We cut back to Mutant Underground HQ, where Johnny is fortifying defenses just in case. He and Dreamer start and he vents his fustration about being the leader and trying to hold the place together on limited space and supplies. It is here that you can see Johnny and Dreamer have feelings for each other. It is also revealed that Johnny used to be a member of the X-Men and it was the X-Men who put Johnny in charge of the Mutant Underground before disappearing.

Photo courtesy of 20th Television and FOX.

The story cuts back to Marcos, Reed and Andy who have gotten the files and are hitching a ride back home on the 18-wheeler. The police are onto them, though, and have a road black set up ahead with Sentinel Services waiting. Marcos calls in for help and Polaris, Lauren and Wes arrive on scene, watching from the roof of a building. Polaris uses her powers to stop the bullets being fired by Sentinel Services while Lauren uses her’s to make a ramp for the 18-wheeler to drive over the barricade, and Wes finishes it off by using his illusion powers to lead the cops on a wild goose chase in the opposite direction of the truck. Back at HQ, Reed has one last heart-to-heart with his son, letting him know that he is proud of him and his powers. Dreamer and Johnny look over the information that was gathered together to see what they can find. Marcos gets a call on his cellphone from Carmen, who he is not happy to hear from. He tries to get rid of her, but she reminds him that him working for her was part of the deal for her helping him bust his girlfriend out of jail, and if he doesn’t obey she will make a phone call to Sentinel Services letting them know where the Mutant Underground HQ is. The episode ends with him saying “I’m on my way.”

I love the way the story is developing so far, as I am a big fan of storytelling. The plot and direction are believable, as well as the relationship each character has with another. I think the producers might have been reading my articles, because last episode, or the one before, I complained how they slacked off on the graphics, but in this episode they really improved. I am interested to see how this triangular relationship between Thunderbird, Blink and Dreamer turns out. I am also interested to see how well the warriors Polaris is training turn out to be and what evil intentions Ahab has for the Strucker kids. Hopefully most of these questions, if not all, will be answered in next week’s episode.