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Spoilers Ahead for “The Gifted” Season 1, Episode 6

This week’s episode of “The Gifted” is a little slow, which is inevitable because at some point all shows have that one episode that has more talking than action to build up to a much bigger point in the story. This week’s episode was that point for “The Gifted,” but by the way the show is going, I think it will be worth it to see how it plays it in future episodes. This week’s episode started off with another flashback. I’m not going to lie, I don’t mind the flashbacks as they gives us insight into the story and why some characters are the way they are and so what they do, but I will say this show has more flashbacks than any other show I have seen before.

Anyhow, this week’s episode started off with a flashback from a few years ago of when Marcos (aka Eclipse) first met Johnny (aka Thunderbird) and Lorna (aka Polaris). Marcos walks into a diner, and Johnny and Lorna are sitting at a booth waiting for him. They tell him that they heard about the smuggling work he has been doing for the Cartel and want to know if he would be interested in using his skills to help the Mutant Underground. It is in this scene that we see Lorna’s hint of attraction to Marcos and how he went from cartel smuggler to mutant freedom fighter. We then are taken back to the present day, beginning where we left off in the last episode of Marcos’s ex, Carmen, threatening to him of the consequences of going back on his deal to work for her. He reluctantly agrees and tells her he will meet her tomorrow. In the morning, the team is gathered to discuss the various things they are working on. Johnny talks with Sonya (aka Dreamer) about how even though they are packed to the max, they will have to expect more refugees in the coming weeks since Sentinel Services are on a full-blown hunt for mutants.

He also talks with Reed about the files he and Marcos stole from the government building in the last episode, the paper files do show that they are capturing certain mutants, but what for and how they are brainwashing them, that information is on the hardrives which are encrypted. Reed is confident he will be able to break the encryption, but it will take some time. Marcos uses a cover story of going out to gather supplies as a cover story to go meet Carmen. Lorna offers to go with him, but he says that she must stay behind to continue her training of the mutants they have to be fighters. We see Lauren and her relationship with Wes building in this episode. It is clear they are not hiding their attraction for each other as her whole family can see it; but as Reed is going over some of the files they gathered from the government building and he finds Wes has a criminal record. Now on a personal note, I feel like this is the weakest part of the story.

It is stated that the Mutant Underground doesn’t forgive certain things like unnecessary murder, rape, and big crimes; other than that, they ask you just to be truthful, but Wes’s file show petty theft and breaking and entering. Reed being a father, I guess, now has ammunition to use for his daughter not to see Wes anymore. Which he does bring up, but Lauren points out how everyone at the base is categorized as a criminal just for being born a mutant, which I totally agree with her on. It makes it even weirder when she confronts him about it and he admits they are true and she acts like he is such a liar. He even tell her that his parents kicked him out when they found out he was a mutant and he was living on the streets eating out of dumpsters. The only people who would take him in was this gang that he joined so he helped them with some of their crimes for a place to eat and a warm bed to sleep in. Which I think anybody can understand, but Lauren and he father still act like he is a bad person.

Johnny goes on a little mission of his own in this week. In the last episode, Clarice (aka Blink) ran off because she was mad that Dreamer put a memory in her head without her permission and everyone was keeping it a secret from her. Johnny decides to track her down before Sentinel Services finds her. He does find her, but she makes it clear that she is not coming back. She also brings up the fact that when she was having her seizure in Episode Two, she uncontrollably kept opening up a portal to a certain dirt road, but she can’t remember where it leads to. Johnny offers to help her, which she at first refuses, but after he points out the obvious (which is she would find it quicker if she accepted his help), she gives in.

We cut to a scene at Sentinel Services, where it is shown that Jace and Dr. Ahab are in full swing with their new partnership, but a female representative from the DOJ (Department of Justice) has come in to shut it down. She claims that Dr. Ahab’s Hound project (which is the name of the project Dr. Ahab gave his project of gathering specific mutants) and his partnership with Sentinel Services was illegal and was about to pull the string on it. But one of the mutants Dr. Ahab has working for him used his powers to give her a stroke to keep her from finishing. Jace is aware of this and is not entirely comfortable with it, but he can’t do anything about and is happy with where their partnership is going to actually criticize it.

We fly back to Marcos, who is talking with Carmen at her mansion. She mentions how the Russians are moving in on her territory and she wants his help in destroying their warehouse where they are storing their drugs. Marcos agrees to help with this as long as there is no killing and Carmen agrees. It is in this scene we can see that Carmen still has feelings for Marcos and is happy to have him back under her thumb. It is around this time that Lorna, back at Headquarters, figures out that Marcos has lied about the supply run and asked for Dreamer’s assistance in tracking him down. We rejoin Johnny and Blink, who figure out that the dirt road she kept seeing leads to a little home owned by a couple who use to take in mutants that had no where else to go and she used to stay there from time to time. They enter the house to find out the Sentinel Services had raided the house and killed everyone inside. Stricken with grief over the death of her friends, Blink decides to rejoin the Mutant Underground to get revenge for her fallen friends. Marcos, Carmen, and her team, which includes a nameless mutant man with gills on his face, raid the drug warehouse. The nameless mutant has the power to stop time and uses his to stop the guards in their tracks while Marcos uses his solar powers to burn the drugs. This is probably the most important scene of the whole episode.

While Marcos is doing his job there is a clear smile on his face showing that he loves it and he misses doing stuff like this for the Cartel. Lorna and Dreamer manage to track him down in time to witness the scene for themselves; there is a very clear change in Marcos’s body language and attitude as he is doing the deed. He was totally a different person from what we are used to seeing in the show. Most heartbreaking of all for Lorna must have been seeing his ex, Carmen, giving him a kiss on the cheek after the deed was done. In anger, Polaris tells Dreamer to forget about him and they head back to HQ.

Back at the Mutant Underground, Wes interrupts the Strucker family during their dinner to inform them that he has come clean to heads of HQ about his past wrongdoings and that because of his honesty, they decided to go easy on him, but to make up for it they are sending him with a team to set up a base in Augusta. Marcos returns and Lorna tells him that she knows where he was the whole time and how he lied to her. Marcos tries to explain how he needed to make this deal with Carmen in order to break her out of prison, but Lorna is still pissed. This episode ends with Wes helping load up a van with the rest of the team heading to Augusta and Lauren runs out to give him a farewell kiss.

There’s not really much to say about this episode. As I stated in the beginning, every show has that one episode that’s a little slower than the rest and this was that episode. Episodes like this are not always bad though. Episodes like this are used to develop the storyline a little more and help you connect with the characters and their emotions and motives for why they do certain things. For Jace, he has a vendetta against mutants for the death of his daughter. Even though it’s wrong to place the blame on an entire group of people, that’s his motive. For Marcos, even though he doesn’t like it, he does whatever he has to to protect and provide for Lorna and their soon-to-be-born child; even if that means he as to work with his ex to do it. Slow episode this week, but I assume that will lead into bigger and exciting things next week.

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