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Spoilers Ahead for “The Gifted” Season 1, Episode 5

This week on “The Gifted,” the war is on and prisoners are being taken on both sides. Just like last week, we start this episode off with a flashback to four years ago on July 15. Jace Turner, the head investigator for Sentinel Services is at the park with his family having a picnic. Across the street from the park, a mutant rights rally is taking place. It is clear that things are starting to get out of control, and Jace and his wife are packing up ready to go. Their daughter Grace is still playing, unaware of the danger that is looming in the air behind her and before they can grab her, a blast of energy rips through the whole park, killing numerous people, including Grace. The show switches back to the present day, with events taking place just moments after the daring prison break that happened in the last episode. The Team is switching cars to throw off investigators, when Johnny (aka Thunderbird) senses a Sentinel drone sweeping the area looking for them. Marcos (aka Eclipse) and Lorna (aka Polaris) agree they will throw off the drone while the rest of the team heads back to base.

Back as the Mutant Underground headquarters, there are more people there than when they left and most of them need medical attention. The team is informed that Sentinel Services has been raiding every mutant safehouse in town and this is the last safe place for any mutant at the moment. Catlin Strucker agrees to help with the wounded, but everyone is not happy with the return of Reed Strucker. Fade; a mutant bartender who can turn invisible has informed the whole base about Reed’s temporary involvement with Sentinel Services and people are not comfortable with him being there. Back on the road, Marcos and Lorna have the drone following them and use their powers to destroy it. After that, they think they are home free and have a heart-to-heart moment about Lorna being pregnant and they even start talking about names for the baby. Unknown to them, Jace has made a small blockade up the road anticipating their arrival. When they do reach the blockade, Lorna uses her powers to easily take out the guards and ignoring the advice of Marcos, take Jace hostage.

Photo courtesy of 20th Television and FOX.

Back at base, people are on edge about Sentinel Services closing in on the headquarters. To gain their trust, Reed agrees to act as a decoy to throw them off with the help of Fade who still doesn’t trust him. Marcos and Lorna hold up in an abandoned warehouse with their hostage, asking him questions about how they turned their friend Pulse against them and how many other mutants they have working for them. Jace lets them know that he will never give up that information and that the death of his seven year old daughter by the hands of mutants is his whole motivation for his job. At the Mutant Underground, Catlin is struggling to save the life of Trader, a mutant who was shot in the attempt to help them with the prison break in the last episode. The bullet is still lodged in his side and he is losing a lot of blood. Andy realizes that he has the same blood type as Trader and does a blood transfusion to save his life. Due to the minimum number of health supplies that are available, Catlin is forced to operate on Trader while he is wide awake to remove the bullet. Lauren uses her powers to contain the bleeding and keep him from losing anymore blood. Together with their efforts combined, they are able to save Trader.

Back at the warehouse, they continue to grill Jace for information which he is keeping his lip zipped about. Clarice (aka Blink) and Sony (aka Dreamer) show up through one of Blink’s portals, informing them that police have the warehouse surrounded and police are ready to move in. Lorna uses her powers to keep them at bay and to give Sonya a few minutes to use her powers to probe his mind for the information on how they turn mutants against them. We switch back to the to Reed, who is being dropped off on a street by Fade, who says he will be waiting up the street with the car two blocks away. Reed walks around within full view of surveillance cameras so police will pick up on him and go in the opposite direction of the Mutant Underground. After he has gained their attention, he runs for his life. He manages to reach that agreed upon meet up point, but it appears Fade has left him for dead. Reed continues to run and collides right into the get away car that Fade has used his powers to hide. After they get away, Fade explains that he just had do make sure of which side Reed was on.

Photo courtesy of 20th Television and FOX.

Back at the warehouse, the police are moving in despite Lorna’s efforts to hold them back. Sonya’s powers are working, but not fast enough. Police use tear gas and start to move in, they grab Sonya before she can get the information and use one of Blink’s portals to escape. Back at the Mutant Underground, things seem to have calmed down and Reed returns to his family safe and sound. They ask him if they are going to continue with their  original plan to flee to Mexico, but Reed has a change of heart and decides that they should stay and help the Mutant Underground in their fight. Blink realizes that Sonya put fake memories of her being in love with Johnny to get her powers to work and she is not happy about it. Sonya tries to explain to her that lives were at stake and they needed her powers to them, but Blink doesn’t care and warns Sonya so stay away from her. The episode ends with Jace being dropped off at home with his wife Paula waiting for him. She is glad that he is safe and unharmed. He asks about is daughter Grace and if she is already asleep. His wife is shocked at first and then they both realize that while he was being held hostage, he lost of the memory of his daughter being killed four years ago and now has to relive the whole pain of her being gone all over again.

This was another good episode by Fox and the writers of “The Gifted.” The episode seems to focus on Jace and his past as to why he is so determined to take down the Mutant Underground. It this episode, for some weird reason the graphics seem to be a little sloppy than compared to other episodes, but still doable. Nothing really eventful happened this episode, but I get the feeling that Blink’s discovery of Sonya using her powers on her is going to cause a strain in the group. I also feel like since Sonya’s powers took away the memory of Grace from Jace, he is going to be even more determined to catch the Mutant Underground. I’ll be here next week with Episode 6 and let you know how the story develops.

“The Gifted” airs Monday night’s at 9 p.m. on FOX.