The three women’s basketball seniors. Photo courtesy of Charlotte Athletics

After barely missing the NIT last season, a group of three seniors look to lead a young 49er team to victory this season.

Having previously dominated with Spartanburg Methodist, a private, junior college, Jada Martin emerged as a walk-on last season. She was not just a regular walk-on, however, as she became the first player to walk-on under coach Cara Consuegra.

“It’s definitely an honor just for the simple fact it’s not easy being a walk-on at a D1 college just in general,” said Martin. “I mean, it take a lot of hard work. It’s a lot of hard work putting in being a walk-on. It’s definitely an honor being the first to walk on under Coach Consuegra.”

Next, forward Nyilah Jamison-Myers, the Clemson transfer. Last season was her very first with Charlotte, and she saw tremendous success, especially on defense where she earned the distinctive honor of being named to the All-Conference USA Defensive Team.

While the Niners will look to her defensive and scoring abilities for a lot of their success, number 15 will also look to serve as a veteran presence who the young players can learn from.

“I try to, you know, make myself available. I try to give good advice and things. You know that I’m old, I’m an old head. So, like you can come to me and say pretty much anything — been there done that — so you can always come and talk to me about it. And on the court, I always try to do what the coaches say. Like, we give reminders, showing people where to go, giving positive encouragement to make sure nobody gets down and it’s like ‘oh this is too much’,” Jamison-Myers said.

The last member of this senior group is guard Amaya Ransom, who has spent all four year of her collegiate career with the 49ers. Playing on this squad since 2014, she has the most experience as a member of this team. She has been invaluable in her commitment to mentoring and helping the new players. When asked about what individual accomplishment she looks to improve upon most, she immediately talked about being a leader to them with so much enthusiasm it was contagious.

Four years is a long time to grow alongside this women’s basketball program.While the hours of practices and games are significant to Ransom’s basketball career, the most imperative part is what this team has done for her on a personal level.

“The culture is not only preparing me for basketball but it’s also preparing me for life after basketball,” Ransom said. “Just how we go about things each and every day, I feel like it’s molded me into a better basketball player and a better person overall. So, I’m just very blessed to be rewarded this opportunity and making the most of it.”