Three words… WHAT. A. RUSH!! So let me tell you exactly what happened to have made it such a rush. It started with Tuesday night’s LASO Meeting at 7 pm, it turned out to not be just any ordinary meeting but a Latin dance workshop. That night we “learned” how to dance a Dominican dance style known as Bachata, by none other than the Queen of Bachata, Victoria Calamusa. Bachata includes an 8-step dance pattern with a tap on the 4th and 8th intervals, being from Caribbean Latino origin it also includes using lots of hip movement while dancing.

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Positive energy filled up the room as we began to partner up and dance our hearts out, with lots of excitement, and laughter. What ended our workshop that night was a truly magnificent spectacular dance from the instructors. Victoria Calamusa and her dance partner danced so beautifully, that you can see the whole story of the song that played in the background just by looking at them dance. It was amazing! After that, we headed to CHHS for the Latin Dance Club hosted by Victoria Calamusa and Ana Jeri. We sat down discussed what we wanted the club to be and gave our names to each other. We got up and went outside and the “true” party started!

We danced the night away…. I wished. We played music from basically most of our Hispanic childhood, as well as modern English songs with the Latino spice into it. We danced for about two hours, dancing Bachata, Salsa, Merengue and Cumbia. This club from just the first meeting can really make someone’s attention want more. Practicing outside of CHHS brought people’s attention especially with the upbeat Latin rhythm, loud and lively, it gave people the invite to join in on the dancing and the fun.

This club is more than just a club, its family already all due to the power of dance and music that brought us all that night together. I 10/10 recommend many to go and at least check it out, as this club is also a good workout if you’re interested in exercising in a more exciting way. I would also want to clarify, just because it’s a Latin Dance club that doesn’t restrict the possibility of getting non-Hispanic members participating and joining the club.

Come on and dance the night away with us Tuesday nights at 8:30 pm. Locations vary as of now as we’re searching for a permanent location! Just contact Victoria or Ana if anyone is interested in attending Tuesday nights or have any questions that may have popped into your head while reading!

Hope to see many new faces at upcoming meetings to dance our hearts out!!