“Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name HOV!” On Nov. 16, Jay Z rocked the house at Spectrum Arena. The legendary Brooklyn rap artist took the stage and brought down the house. Reciting songs from recently released album “44:4” along with his other hits songs like “99 Problems,” “Dirt Off Your Shoulders,” “Empire State of Mind” and “Run This Town.” This concert was amazing and significantly better than his Magna Carter tour, partly because the album was better. HOV’s stage was spectacular, cascading platforms and screens that moved throughout the show. As he took the stage, the screens moved into each other to create a border shaped like diamonds, which, of course, is the sign of Roc Nation. His opening video montage had somewhat disturbing pictures of him in his track suit and gold chain with his eyes slowly being burned out by flames. Then on another screen was just a picture of his face with his mouth slowly being burned out. He came out with orange and red smoke resembling fire performing “Kill Jay Z.” The crowd went crazy.

He had two other video montages incorporated in the show that played during his wardrobe changes. They consisted of the areas around Brooklyn, family moments with his wife and daughter and a looped moment during his wedding where his wife, the legendary Beyonce, walked down the aisle with rose petals falling. Throughout the show he would talk to the audience, giving words of encouragement, “love always trumps hate, you can achieve anything you want to achieve.” He also took a moment to talk about the violence going on in the black community and explained why many are kneeling or put their fists up during the national anthem. “When you see people kneeling and putting up their fists, it’s not about disrespect for the flag, it’s about injustice. It’s about young people losing their lives and being senselessly murdered by people who are supposed that’s supposed to protect, that’s what that all about. It’s not just a black and what issue, it’s a human issue. A sixteen-year-old left house and didn’t come back… was murdered, everyone should be affected no matter what color you are. If you aren’t affected, then somethings wrong with you.”

There is no way you can go to a Jay Z concert and not get so hyped up that you forget your manners and you start standing up in chairs to show him just how hype you are. That was the reality for one fan on the floor. He was so hyped he got up on a chair and started jamming, but of course, security will not allow you to have senseless, dangerous fun, so they tried to intervene, much to Jay’s dislike, he stopped performing to tell security to back off, “you get paid to be here he don’t, he took money out of his pocket to be here, don’t do that.” This is Jay’s reaction anytime security get involved during his shows. During his Magna Carter tour, he told security to stand down because he was about the instruct the crowd to stand up in the chairs and get crazy when he played “Ni**as in Paris.”

It is never a dull moment at a Jay Z concert. This concert gets a 5 out of 5 in my book. It had great energy, a great performer who gave everything and more in his performance, memorable moments and great music. This is what a good rap concert looks like. If you haven’t gone to a Jay Z concert, I sincerely encourage you to make an investment very soon, you won’t be disappointed.

The featured image used in this article is by Matthew Harrison. His original photo can be found at the following link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/matthew_harrison/4056536709