Daniel Bruce celebrating during Tuesday’s Radford contest. Photo by Pooja Pasupula

The Charlotte 49ers (4-3-3, C-USA 1-1-2 ) took on the Radford Highlanders in a Tuesday night contest at Transamerica field. Daniel Bruce ended the contest, scoring the lone goal in double overtime.

Coming into the first half, both squads operated within a stalemate. It was Charlotte’s own on-field leader, #10 Bruce, who took the reigns in his own hands, who finished with nine shots, five of which were on goal. Bruce, along with forward Tommy Madden and Joe Brito, were able to keep the Highlanders back field engrossed to the point where no shots on goal were made at all.

Walking into the second half, the 49ers continued to apply pressure on the Highlanders defense.  With forward Callum Montgomery getting active, and Bruce continuing to lead the charge, Charlotte was able to close the game with 23 overall shots, 10 of which being on goal.

Radford forwards, Kieran Roberts and Sivert Daehlie played the biggest roles offensively. With the Highlanders having 10 shots all together as a team, Roberts and Daehlie would claim all of them. The 49ers defense would prove to be too much for the forwards.

Led by Elliot Panicco, the Niner backfield would only allow Radford four shots on goal.  With neither team scoring towards the end of regulation, the game saw two overtimes. Charlotte forward Bruce, in dramatic fashion, would score a last minute goal, locking in the 49ers for their fourth overall win.  In the end, the Highlanders would finish the game with only four shots on goal and eight corners.

The 49ers will travel to Boca Raton, FL to take on the FAU Owls this Saturday, Oct.14.