Photo by Justin Higuchi.

While the Fillmore in Charlotte might be my go-to venue for concerts in the area, its standing room layout creating a more intimate atmosphere between performer and spectator, the same could be said about the Neighborhood Theatre in NoDa. Venturing into the area right outside of Uptown Charlotte Friday for a night of dynamic pop from London-based duo Oh Wonder, my first time at the Neighborhood Theatre lent itself to be another fantastic concert experience.

Riding off the success of their latest album, “Ultralife,” which perfectly blended nostalgic pop with a passionate journey through love and loneliness, the duo of Oh Wonder brought their enigmatic stylings to Charlotte for a night easily deemed one of their most impressive live performances. Not only reeling in the breezy hits off their debut album, but also managing to elevate their newest songs with a performance teeming with life, the pop duo ignited the night with a theme of letting go and finding yourself in the world.

Kicking off the night with their hit single “Without You,” I was instantly entranced as the evocative, slow vibes of their debut album flooded back in. Swaying softly with the crowd, the elegant mix of soft-spoken lyricism and vibrant piano chords quickly let my mind drift off to forget the worries of the week and focus in on the band’s euphoric sound. Never knowing what song would come next, I was continuously surprised by the profound effort the duo put into the show.

As they continued to discharge dreamy hit after dreamy hit, from “Dazzle” to “High on Humans,” the night was promising to be a truly unforgettable experience. As the duo blazed effortlessly from song to song, they also worked to infuse a powerful message of believing in yourself, and never giving up on the things you hold most dear. In a trio of songs from the night in particular, “All We Do,” “Lose It” and “Drive,” that message of pushing through adversity and not letting your dreams be simply just dreams was propelled further by the duo’s passionate performance.

Settling in for a night of soft, nostalgic lyrics, mixed with the band’s signature head-swaying pop rhythms, it was to no surprise that Oh Wonder gave it there all at the Neighborhood Theatre. Even as leading lady Josephine Vander Gucht fell under the weather a bit, her profound dynamic with her partner-in-crime Anthony West promised one of their most impressive and intimate shows off their ‘Ultralife’ tour.

As Oh Wonder continues their tour across the nation, be sure to check out my full review of their latest album, ‘Ultralife’, here.