Photos by Leysha Caraballo.

Thousands of people in Halloween costumes flooded the streets of Charlotte over the weekend ready to hit the bars for Rich and Bennett’s 17th Annual Halloween Pub Crawl with their best pals. Any visitors in town probably went back into their hotels when they saw how many Pennywise the clown’s were wandering the streets. Out of all the clown costumes I saw, the guy pictured below took the cake. This costume was something out of a nightmare.

Photo by Leysha Caraballo.

After a long and exciting day at the bar crawl, the people of Charlotte welcomed Jon Bellion and his sidekick Travis Mendes to the stage. Bellion got the crowd pumped up by playing some of his popular songs like “Guillotine” and “80’s Films,” as well as his hit song “All Time Low.” Jon did an excellent job of interacting with the crowd and getting them engaged by grabbing the hands of the people in the pit. The shirt he was wearing from his own merchandise that says “Money Is Not The Key To Wealth” on the back seemed to align well with the obvious love and passion he has for performing. It was clear that Bellion has a deep-rooted love for being on stage and wants to spread his positive outlook with all of his fans. The energetic and positive energy these guys gave off made the crowd even more eager to see the headliner for the night.

After Jon Bellion performed, Maney, Roy and LauRen from Kiss 95.1 came onto the stage and introduced Macklemore as the next performer. Soon after they exited the stage, the music started and a man that looked a lot like Freddie Mercury entered the stage and began to sing. Trumpet players and a guitar player followed him onto the stage and began playing along. Next thing you know, Macklemore himself came running out from side-stage and immediately began performing. The crowd was so loud that the people in Southend could probably hear us.

Macklemore gave an electrifying performance. He ran around the stage with his guitarist and trumpet players and leaned in close to the crowd to make it feel like we could just reach out and touch him. He got the crowd’s full attention by spraying us with water from his water bottle. The excitement never slowed down as the bass from the music shook the whole town. At one point in the show, he chose two people from the audience to join him on stage for a dance-off. Shortly after that, Macklemore stepped off the stage onto the hands of the audience as they held him up above them. He stunned the whole crowd by walking halfway through the pit balancing on the hands of the people below him. I have seen performers stage dive before, but never WALK into the crowd like Macklemore. I, along with everyone else, felt a rush of excitement and awe as he pumped his hands into the air and looked out into the crowd and smiled.