Trump’s Response to Harvey’s Havoc

by Mia Shelton

| September 26, 2017

On Friday August 25th, Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on Texas and parts of Louisiana. Thousands of people
from Austin, Texas to Cameron, Louisiana have lost their homes. Dozens were injured and at least 70 have lost their lives. Lives like the Saldivar family in Austin, a family of 6, who drowned in their car when they got swept by a currant as they tried to reach higher ground. The unidentified mother in Beaumont, who got swept into a canal while trying to save her daughter from drowning. Hurricane Harvey is believed by scientists as the worst rainfall disaster in US history. Thousands of people from all over the country are coming to Texas’ aid. Many are sending money, dozens of Texans, military men women and Louisiana natives have volunteered during the storm and after to find and rescue families. Thousands of Texans without homes are in shelters from Dallas to Lake Charles, Louisiana and there is still a lot to do. Many people are looking to government officials for help, including the president. President Trump got off to a rocky start with many people when he was asked by a reporter what was his message to Texans preparing for and dealing with the effects of Hurricane Harvey. His response was, “good luck.” Not exactly the response we were looking for, Mr. President. Things took a turn for the better when he and the First Lady Melania came to Corpus Christi and Houston to mingle and hand out meals to victims. According to the New York Times, Mr. Trump’s aides say he is trying to avoid the mistakes made by former President George W. Bush in 2005, when he took a relatively hands-off approach to the federal response to Hurricane Katrina. This seems to show in Mr. Trump’s actions. On Friday, September 1st, Mr. Trump signed a proclamation declaring Sunday, September 3rd would be a “National Day of Prayer” for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. He has even pledged to donate $1million of his fortune to recovery efforts in Texas. On his return to Texas, Mr. Trump has asked Congress for $8 billion for relief efforts. However, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott have said that is will take an estimated total of $180 billion to repair the damage done by Hurricane Harvey. Despite some of his generous efforts, there has been some controversy on his statement about the hurricane being a “wonderful thing.” Upon reflection of the situation it is still unclear whether or not Mr. Trump is saying this hurricane is a good thing because it has brought people together, or was his presence in the shelters and meeting the victims a wonderful thing. In any case, I believe I speak for many people in Texas, me having family in Texas who have been going through hardships, when I say nothing about this disaster is wonderful. My friend being separated from her five-year old daughter is not wonderful. My paralyzed uncle being removed from his flooded home and almost refused care because of the inadequacy of the hospital he was sent to is not wonderful. Thousands without heat, water, electricity or homes is not wonderful. So, I would suggest to Mr. Trump to do, what I am sure is beyond his capabilities given previous events, to choose his words carefully. Despite the controversy, Mr. Trump’s assistance is very much appreciated. Although Texas still has a long road ahead on the road to recovery, with donations and help from people all over the country things will get well soon. 

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