Mutemath Brings Good Vibes to Charlotte

On Sept. 24th, Mutemath played at the Fillmore with Colony House

| September 26, 2017

Sunday evening gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “Sunday funday” when Mutemath came into town to play a show at the Fillmore. The room was filled with an excited feeling as the crowd jammed along with the opening indie rock band “Colony House.” The lead singer, Caleb Chapman, gave an incredible performance and kept the crowd head-banging throughout the entire set. Colony House did not disappoint and certainly got us ready for the incredible Mutemath.

A humming sound echoed in the room as the band entered the stage. The anticipation built as the band members prepared their instruments. The lead singer, Paul Meany’s stage presence was something I’ve never seen before. As soon as the set started, he immediately began dancing in a free-form fashion that showed his “don’t care” attitude. He moved around the stage swinging his arms and bobbing his head. The way he danced and threw himself into the music made it seem like he was in his own world. The energy and happiness that radiated off him made it clear that he loves music and lives to be on stage.

Paul Meany playing the keytar. Photo by Leysha Caraballo.


About midway through the set, Paul Meany brought his young daughter on stage. She beamed with confidence and danced alongside her father as he knelt down to equal her height. It was a touching moment in the midst of a rocking show that had the whole audience saying “awwww.” Not long after she left the stage, Meany was on top of his piano slinging a light bulb attached to a long wire over his head. After swinging it around for a few minutes, he let go of it, not caring where it landed. The spontaneity Meany possesses was shown in this moment. He did not allow a dull moment in the entire show.

Paul Meany singing. Photo by Leysha Caraballo.

Mutemath played several new songs from their latest album “Play Dead” as well as some classics like “Blood Pressure.” They ended the show with one of their most popular songs “Spotlight” and the crowd was not disappointed. The whole room was jumping up and down and singing along to every word. It was awesome to see a room full of people that supported a band that has been playing since 2002.

Paul Meany singing. Photo by Leysha Caraballo.

The band’s love of music and the crowd’s excitement was enough to fill this intimate venue with an energetic feel. Being so close to the band made it feel like we were all a big family. In between songs Meany made a comment that he loves North Carolina and always feels at home here. It’s safe to say that the music lovers in that room felt at home as well.

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