Vans Warped Tour comes to Charlotte

Summer Camp of the (Musical) Champs

| July 30, 2017

Every summer comes with the anticipation of a good time, and Vans Warped Tour is a sure fire way to keep the good times rolling. Warped Tour is a traveling alternative rock festival that began in 1995 and is currently the longest running musical festival in North America. It also happens to be the largest music festival in the United States. Warped Tour travels across the states (and usually the Canadian borders) every summer to showcase popular artists and to give new artists a chance at exposure. Big names in today’s scene such as Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy can all contribute a Warped Tour stage to their success. However Warped Tour isn’t all rock stars and big hair, they also have other genres playing (such as Machine Gun Kelly and Watsky) and a large dedication to non profit organizations.

Every year that I’ve attended Warped Tour has been a blast. I wake up unusually early (8:00 AM), pack my bag for the day (plenty of water bottles, granola bars and two Lunchables), and blast a prepared playlist of the bands I’ll be seeing that day. The Charlotte date of Warped Tour is the only one in the Carolinas, although this year was the first to have Wilmington scheduled (and cancelled); meaning tons of people, long lines and lots of cars. The keys to a successful time at Warped Tour are 1.) hydration and 2.) time management. With the rising temperatures and extensive queue, if you aren’t there two hours early, you have as well bring three cans for a skip the line pass. No need to waste all of your energy in line.

Once you are past the guards, there is so much to do. I started off my journey with (even more) preparations. There are people selling band schedules with maps for two dollars each. I could have pulled out a few bucks… instead I asked someone whom had already purchased the paper, if I could take a picture of it. Gotta be resourceful these days. There’s booths with free stuff and cool information, small clothing stores and a tent for each band performing along with their apparel and merch! However, most people are there for the live performances. After looking over the bands’s times I determine that I have a few hours before the bands I came for start playing. However Warped Tour is not known for it’s downtime. It’s on this occasion that we explore! Looking for free water sources, stages and bathrooms, it pays to familiarize yourself with the venue. In the wake of my new found knowledge, it’s time for fun. Checking out new bands is like half of the experience and every year I leave a new fan. This year I discovered quite a few energetic acts, such as Sammy Adams, Candiria and Gwar; all drastically different with amazing stage presence. Warped Tour is a whirlwind of fun with creative friendly people and heartwarming fans. If you couldn’t make it to the pit this summer, remember pre-sales for next year start in the fall!

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