Indie Rock’s Mellow Revenge

A night of music at the Charlotte Metro Union Amphitheater.

| June 25, 2017

What would one expect of a show headlined by an indie/roots Boston band? What could the demographic be? Drinks of choice? Smell? I set out to find these answers in true investigation style…by attending the show.

June 23rd, 6:45pm: doors have been open for 45 minutes. People are milling around the general admission area, sipping expensive cups of beer, as I sipped on my own overpriced Pepsi. Charlotte Metro Union Amphitheater is not known for their great deals, but all the staff were very friendly and well aware of the ridiculousness of charging four dollars for watered down Pepsi. As I dwelled on my pricey non-cocktail, time was passing and then Jake Shimabukuro was on stage. After talking to him personally, he disclosed that he can not sing and that shaped his performance and style. However, not knowing that beforehand I thought the dude was a go-lucky genius. Fast fingers, an electric ukulele and a charismatic personality, Shimabukuro may not have had the vocals to steal the show, but he certainly had the talent to be an amazing opener. He set an upbeat but chill vibe that made every pretty well-spirited, if they weren’t so previously. It was also Shimabukuro’s last show with Guster and Dispatch as he flew back to Hawaii later that night.

Guster performing (Photo by Cheyenne Boozer)

Following the upbeat opener, the supporting band, Guster, began setting up to perform. Though I only knew of one of their songs before that night (“Satellite,” which should really be a national anthem at this point), I was not worried. A majority of my ease came from the sun settling down a bit, but I was right to be assured in Guster’s natural aptitude. A thing I look for in bands is the ability to sound as great live as recorded and Guster definitely stepped up to that plate. Even as Ryan Miller, lead singer, spread himself across stage and past it, (truly testing the microphone’s length) he stayed on key and sang beautifully. Guster really has an almost dreamy quality about them that really transcended the heat and my sweat.

DISPATCH (Photo by Cheyenne Boozer)

At last, at 8:49 we were all buzzing in excitement for band that this whole tour was for! DISPATCH is currently touring the U.S in effort to promote their newest release “America, Location 12!” At this time I’m on my third water Pepsi combo and I decide to look around the venue for the 11 minutes I have until the final performance. And I noticed an odd thing to notice when you are of the black ethnicity; the event was very white! Out of the hundreds of people that were there, there was an overwhelming white majority with and without pastel shorts. So I took some time aside from a local bartender to see what the dealio was. Due to the lack of “Get Out”-esque dead deer or micro-aggressions, it seemed pretty safe. Apparently DISPATCH has been around far longer than I ever knew. Around their peak and hiatus of 2002, many of their fans were in high school..and white. So that explained quite a few things. With that squared away, it was back to the show! Succeeding the previous musicians, DISPATCH was an interesting finisher. Somehow performing for two hours, they maintained the same energy throughout in typical yuppie style. Shoeless and with hats. The previously sitting crowd (not general admission, they were standing) stood up with a passion and song along. All in all it was quite the pleasant night with a great atmosphere! Keep an eye out for these amazing performers, you may see them sooner than you think.

The crowd (Photo by Cheyenne Boozer)

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