Photo courtesy of COAA

The Symphony of Diversity was the best orchestra concert I have attended. It highlighted different cultures from all over the world, and each piece was carefully selected to fit a common theme of coming together and sharing music coming from different cultures.

The concert started off with a beginners violin group called MusicalMinds. The group consists of children of all ages from North Mecklenburg County to find solace from poverty in art and music. MusicalMinds performed two songs, “French Folk Song” and “Flight of the Bumble Bow,” a song they performed with the UNC Charlotte symphony orchestra. The main goal of the musical group is to make minorities more visible and have the opportunity to be heard.

The second part of the concert consists of five diverse pieces that each highlight a different culture, which is an important aspect in diversity. Some of the countries that were included in the symphony concert are, Italy, Spain, Israel, Syria and France with Cuban influences.

“Overture: La Forza del Destino” is an Italian tragic opera that highlights the constant battle of soft and loud sounds, which creates the cacophony of the Italian tragedy. Each movement has a dramatic flair that could make the listener feel each emotion that the composer wanted to express.

“Sinsofonia” is a Spanish melodic piece that sounds more inspirational. As I listen to the piece, I feel a wonderful feeling of dancing in the air. The piece was a stark contrast from the dramatic, Italian opera.

“Al Naharot Bavel” relates to the despair of the homeless refugees today. The piece describes a sad and scary story of the Jewish people going to exile in Babylon. The piece brought to light how the Jewish people felt after being away from a place they call home. They all felt nostalgia for their home, fear of moving to another place and anger for leaving their land.

“Ghadan (Tomorrow)” was the best performance of the night. The piece has hopeful melodies to inspire a more tolerant and inclusive world. It is a piece to showcase love and playfulness to encourage a promise for a hopeful future in Syria, a country currently experiencing war. Instead of focusing on the sorrow and pain that the Syrian people feel, the composer chooses to highlight how Syria was like before the war happened. It shows that Syria was a welcoming country before war.

The night ended with a piece called “Danzon No. 2.” The piece highlights the playfulness and intensity of Cuban-inspired sounds. The piece is a fun piece. It emphasizes the bongos in Cuban music.

The orchestra does a good job to include different cultures in the concert. Before each piece, two students introduce the background information about that piece. One student speaks in English; the other student speaks in the language that piece is dedicated to.

Overall, I think the symphony is a success. Each piece highlights a different culture. I can feel the passion in each musician. They all worked hard together to create an amazing concert.