Local Wonders: The WhiteWater Center

Head to the White water center for a day of fun!

| May 2, 2017

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Spring has just started and now is the time to spend your days outside! Summer is right around the corner and what better way to spend your spring and summer than at the Whitewater Center. The Whitewater Center is located 30 minutes away from campus on Whitewater Center Parkway. Parking is only five dollars for the whole day, or you can purchase a seasonal pass for forty dollars. There are several parking lots which make it extremely convenient for parking. This center includes ziplining, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. They also offer ropes courses and jump classes. There are trails all over the area you can walk along or jog along and they also offer canopy tours as well as zip tours. The best part of all of this is that they are without a doubt dog friendly. You can bring your dog to hangout for the day and get some exercise alongside of you while you walk the trails of the beautiful whitewater center. Depending on the day, they also have concerts that get performed there as well as marathons for runners and bikers throughout the center. Even if you are not really into outdoor sports or are scared to try any of the activities above, it is still a nice place to visit. You can walk around the trails or even just sit in the grass and watch a concert.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

They also have plenty of benches around the area to sit and eat some lunch or quiet areas to read a book or do some studying. Another cool thing about this place is they have canopies you can rent for the day and lay out in the sun and enjoy the breeze of the water. The raft water along the center makes a great breeze when it gets really hot. The Whitewater center also has food that you can buy here for an affordable price, with plenty of options on the menu. As far as prices go with the outdoor activities, it costs $59 for adults during the peak hours, and $49 for the youth (ages 9 and under). During non peak hours it costs $49 for adults and $44 for the youth. If you were interested in investing in a seasonal pass, the seasonal pass for adults is $199 and for the youth it is $169. With buying a day pass or a seasonal pass comes a waiver that you must sign saying that the Whitewater Center is not responsible for any injuries. This probably seems pricey to a lot of college students and if you are a fan of the activities that they have I would recommend buying a seasonal pass instead of a day pass. If you do not have money to get a day pass I would at least still check the place out, it would make for a great “de-stresser” when you get frustrated with your daily college struggles and to walk around or sit by the water is free. To get some more information on the Whitewater Center visit their website http://usnwc.org/.

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