Spoiler Warning for the tenth hour of “24: Legacy,” as well as all previous seasons of the original series.

Corey Hawkins as Eric Carter and Miranda Otto as Rebecca Ingram. (Photo courtesy of FOX)



Since the first episode, “24: Legacy” has made several strides to separate itself from the original series, while still keeping the same format and style. In its tenth hour, however, the series really starts to feel as though it is becoming a compilation of the original series’ most overused plot devices. From moles and kidnappings to idiotic lapses in judgment and scheming family members, this episode packs a lot of content, but doesn’t really feel all that fresh.

Following the attack on CTU in the previous hour by Naseri (I’m still not over the fact that CTU hasn’t changed their security protocols), everyone goes on high alert to locate the terrorists and recover John. Hoping that Henry can shed some insight on the situation, Rebecca places a phone call to the still-suspicious Donovan patriarch only to learn that Luis is actually the one behind the communication with the terrorists. Henry confronts Luis and a ridiculous struggle erupts between the two, allowing the latter to escape, even after Rebecca explicitly warned against provoking him. Meanwhile, after leaving CTU, the terrorists stop below an underpass and a shocking revelation is made. Ibrahim bin-Khalid (Eli Danker) is not actually dead and his son Jadalla is just as surprised as I was. Considering the fact that the death of Ibrahim seemed to be the catalyst for the days events, this is a definite shocker. Although, he didn’t survive the Army Rangers raid unscathed; much of his body, including his face, is now burned. Jadalla’s actions during the day have been monitored to assure that he was fully willing to sacrifice everything for their cause. With Jadalla and Ibrahim now reunited, their mission to enact revenge is set in motion.

Back at CTU, Eric speaks with Jennifer (Jennifer Lutheran), also known as the idiot that set off the bomb in last week’s episode, to try to learn more about the terrorists. She doesn’t really reveal anything to Eric, so Andy steps in to see if he can get anything from her. Eric steps away to finally reunite with Nicole, who has arrived at CTU with Isaac. There is some clear tension between the two as Nicole questions Eric about Rebecca’s agent position offer to him. There is a bit of a throwback to the first hour of the day when there was some clear hints that the two were ready to start a family, but Nicole is quickly realizing that Eric will only be happy when he is involved in the action. Eric has more added to his plate when Rebecca reveals to him that she was just contacted by Jadalla, demanding that she turn herself over to him or else John will be killed. Rebecca pieces together what Jadalla has planned for her; in retaliation for her direct involvement in the attacks that “killed” his father, Jadalla plans on publicly executing Rebecca. Eric agrees to help Rebecca by attempting to take out Jadalla and Naseri, but not even our hero knows what awaits him.

Raphael Acloque as Jadalla bin-Khalid. (Photo courtesy of FOX)

Back in the infirmary, Andy receives a confusing, yet vital piece of information from Jennifer in the form of the term “East July.” He passes the term along to another agent and speaks with Keith, who is suspicious about the sudden disappearance of Rebecca and Eric. For once Andy hasn’t been roped into an undercover plot; still, he gets busy trying to locate them. Andy and Keith decide that their best bet may be to request the help of Tony. They get in contact with him, but he is preparing to leave the country for a job with his girlfriend/partner. Tony agrees to help, clearly still having feelings for Rebecca. After an odd run-in with a pair of police officers, Rebecca and Eric make their way to the preassigned meet location, which happens to be an abandoned football stadium. Eric positions himself in a prime spot for sniping as Rebecca calls Jadalla and demands that John be released immediately; Jadalla hesitates to release him, but Ibrahim overrules him and John is thrown from the back of a van into traffic. After Rebecca receives confirmation of her husband’s release, she steps into the center of the football field, only to realize that the ground has been soaked in gasoline. With John free, Rebecca could have definitely fled the scene, but she isn’t about to let the terrorists get away.

Jadalla appears on the field with a lit flame, demanding that Rebecca read a written confession in front of a camera he has set up. Rebecca defiantly refuses and Eric shoots Jadalla right in the head, causing him to drop the flame and set off an inferno on the field; Rebecca runs away as fire chases behind her. It isn’t clear what exactly happened to Rebecca, but she definitely realizes that Ibrahim is alive. As one character is released from captors, another is kidnapped. This is part of my problem with “24: Legacy” as this is nothing new to the franchise and I really feel as though I have seen this storyline, albeit slightly different. Back at CTU, there is a dramatic reveal that “East July” is linked to the Director of National Intelligence Donald Simms (James Moses Black); I am still quite confused about what his role in the government is exactly. This isn’t the most shocking turn of events, but I am interested to see where things go, even if it does mean that another “mole” storyline is imminent.


The past two hours of “24: Legacy” have really left me with mixed emotions about the first season of the franchise’s new era. There are several current storylines that feel extremely repetitive and don’t really offer anything new; specifically the kidnapping, sacrifice and mole plots. That being said, I was really impressed with Rebecca this episode and I really enjoyed seeing her team up to work closely with Eric. The Tony material is still not all that impressive, but there is some hope that it will become more relevant and interesting; all I want to see is Tony back in action with a gun in his hands. What will happen to Rebecca? Where did Luis go? Will everything wrap up in the next two hours? What the 10 o’clock hour hold? Be sure to tune into “24: Legacy” next Monday at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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