Some of the Most Clever Easter Eggs in Video Games

With Spring upon us, check out some of the best Easter Eggs in video games.

| April 16, 2017

Bad Dates – “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End”

There is no denying that “Uncharted” drew inspiration from the “Indiana Jones” franchise, and this moment in Nathan Drake’s final adventure pays tribute to the first film. The Easter Egg comes when Nathan Drake and his brother Sam are searching for the pirate Captain Avery’s grave on an island in Scotland. After one grave that has the correct symbol but dates that don’t match up with Avery, Nathan simply states “Nope, bad dates” to which Sam replies with a chuckle. This is a reference to when Indy and Sallah are discussing where to dig for the Ark of The Covenant and Indy tosses a date up in the air to eat only to have Sallah catch it and remark “Bad dates” while motioning to the dead monkey who ate one of the poisoned fruits. This reference goes by quickly in game, and even fans who have seen the film may not catch the sudden quip.

Dr. Halsey’s Laboratory – “Halo Reach”

“Halo Reach” was developer Bungie’s last release in the “Halo” franchise, and this Easter Egg served as a tribute to the community that had been following the series throughout the years. Reaching the secret room is a challenge, as you must play a certain level of the campaign and hit a switch outside of the maps boundaries with the use of a jet pack. Once this is done, you then must face seven golden elites armed with energy swords who come out of the hidden door which leads to the lab. Inside the lab, players will find logs written by Dr. Halsey on various topics in the “Halo” community, including the “Red vs. Blue” series from Rooster Teeth. You can also find her opinion on the popular video “Warthog Jump” and the various charity events that the company ran for Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti earthquake. There is a lot more hidden in the lab for players to find, and it all served as the perfect thank you from Bungie for the support given to them by the community over the years.

Rat Man’s Secret Rooms – “Portal” Series

Screenshot courtesy of Valve Corporation

The “Portal” series is filled with mystery and secrets all throughout; most of them having to do with Rat Man’s hidden rooms. Rat Man was a scientist at Aperture labs who survived Gladdos’ toxic gassing of the facility, leaving him to hide in various locations of the test chambers. Throughout both games you can find these hideouts and his random graffiti on the walls as he slowly went mad, though you never see the man himself. The rooms themselves are a bit creepy and serve as a larger backstory and mystery for the series, even leading to a comic for the character. One of his scribbles became famous among internet culture as ‘The cake is a lie: quote referring to the cake that Gladdos promises at various moments in the first game.

Calendar Man – “Batman Arkham” Series (Spoilers for “Batman Arkham Knight”)

Yes, Calendar Man is a real villain. He makes his debut appearance in “Batman Arkham City” and presides behind bars under the courthouse. Depending on the day your consoles clock is set to, Calendar Man will remark to Batman based on what ever holiday is on that day. If you set your in-game clock to December 13, 2004 (the day developer Rocksteady was founded), Calendar Man will hint that he will be there when Batman is at his end, which he holds up in “Batman Arkham Knight,” where you can see him at the end of the game outside Wayne Manor if you 100% the story. This moment is when Bruce appears to die in an explosion at his family manor after having to reveal his identity to Gotham and execute the Nightfall Protocol.

Created by Warren Robinett – “Adventure”

Screenshot courtesy of Atari

I’d be remiss not to include the first ever video game Easter Egg; coming from the game simply named “Adventure” for the Atari 2600. The Easter Egg was found by taking a gray pixel to a certain area on the map, revealing the secret message “Created by Warren Robinett,” one of the main developers on the game who kept it a secret from the rest of the team. The Easter Egg is a simple one, but it helped to pave the way for many clever ones for years after.

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