MTV Round Up Week 2

The power of the delusional

| April 18, 2017

Is MTV recruiting contestants on the basis of attractiveness and being delusional? It’s almost certain that some of these people would rather be told they are right than win a hefty cash prize. This week these idiots proved me right.

On “The Challenge,” the underdogs have outnumbered the champs all season long, giving them an advantage in most competitions thus far, but this week was a bloodbath. The underdogs lost two boys and two girls from their team, cutting it down by half and finally getting on equal ground with the champs. The good news is that Amanda went home! As previously stated in last week’s article, she is one of the two most annoyingly insistent contestants that have proven themselves the least. The bad news is that the other one, Nelson, fooled both Shane and Corey into helping him win the first round. On Tuesday, April 18, we will find out which underdog has the strength to move on between Shane, who hasn’t been on “The Challenge” for several years, and Corey, who is a relative new comer who has consistently made it to the end but hasn’t won anything. As for the girls, Jenna made her intelligence apparent by not being able to solve a math puzzle, and Ashley witch-crafted her way to safety. Along with Ashley, Nicole is also here to play for another week much to Laurel’s surprise, as she doubted her the entire episode. I almost got the feeling Laurel wanted Nicole to go home…Yet that could just be Laurel projecting her doubt about Nicole emotionally and turning it into a performance problem. The champs didn’t have much to worry about, but they sure did have a lot to complain about. Luckily C.T. was there to roll his eyes and make fun of everyone in my place.

“The Challenge” (Photo courtesy of MTV)

Speaking of delusional, who could forget “Stranded with a Million Dollars”? As a continuation of last week, Makani and Cody (Makody) are keeping materials away from Gina and Alex, the last of the four ‘Campers.’ The remaining Campers continue to complain of the ‘unethical’ treatment fom Makody and constantly refers to it as bullying (as if they were on unequal ground). Both sides have a tent and a tool, Makody has the pot and the Campers have a machete. With this past episode, Alex could truly be losing his mind. With the majority rules component of buying materials and food, which he took full advantage of for several weeks, the Campers can no longer buy food as Makody wants to spend as little as possible to ensure that the prize is as large as possible. In an effort to change their minds, the Campers decide to rip up the money until they get peanut butter. Alex, the mastermind, stashes the money in their tent and just destroys hundreds of dollars as a bargaining tool. Is this what heroes do? Of course not. The Campers get more irritating as time goes on, and I can not wait until they flare out.

“Stranded with a Million Dollars” (Photo courtesy of MTV)

Going from bad to worse, this week in “Are You The One: Second Chances” (AYTOSC) literally put me to sleep. I had to rewatch the episode just for this review. The challenge was picking gifts out for five locals based on their interests, and Tori and Morgan, one of my favorite couples, won for the second time in a row. To no one’s surprise, Kaylen and Asaf got last place once again, but this time the house nominated Hayden and Carolina. Before their choice, the other teams tried to manipulate the odds for a double steal. Hayden has admitted to wanting to leave the game but told Carolina it was in her court whether they stayed or not. He lied. Carolina, very naively, chose to share while Hayden chose to steal, as he’s been saying he would since the second episode. That was the best part of the show, but it was very predictable. We also got a look into the dull relationship between Cameron and Mikayla, namely Cameron wanted to go have fun with the single people and Mikayla wanted to go to sleep. Oh, how I love the stereotypical ball and chain relationship. The pair have been taking third place consistently, and I’d prefer they took the plane ride home.

Well that’s all for this week, check back next week for another round of drama on the MTV Round Up!

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