MTV Round Up Week 3

All is fair in love and war

| April 30, 2017

“Stranded with a Million Dollars” (Photo courtesy of MTV)

During every season of reality TV ever there is a null week. Null in the sense that nothing happened; it’s all filler, or it was just a plain ole week. Luckily for us, “The Challenge,” “Stranded With A Million Dollars (SWAMD)” and “Are You The One: Second Chances (AYTOSC)” all experienced a week with zero value last week! Together! So foregoing those nonexistent shenanigans, we’ll march on to what happened this week and what there is to look forward in the upcoming week.

Last time we left “The Challenge,” the underdogs completed their blood bath and the remaining members are Nelson, Cory, Ashley and Nicole. This elimination round was back on the champs. The final two girls and boys battle it out to become the strongest competitor of their respective genders. First up it’s Camilla and Laurel. Laurel has never lost an elimination before; she’s a champ in many aspects. She’s beaten Camilla before and she’s 9-0 in all eliminations, which is why everyone was surprised to see Camilla win! Camilla has taken out some of the best female challengers ever to grace the television screen, such as Laurel and my personal fave, Cara Maria. Next up was CT, another fave, and Darrell, who won four previous seasons all before my time. While I have been a fan of CT since I was 13 years old, MTV really over exaggerated their battle. There were flames and awkwardly placed slowmo along with some angsty song. All of the dramatics just for CT to secure another win! This segways into the candidates that will be in the finals which are CT, Camilla, Ashley, Nelson, Nicole and Corey. Of course I have my doubts about Nelson and Ashley but fortunately so does Ashley. After celebrating with her cast mates she throws a tantrum about not belonging. Unfortunately CT has a talk with her before she could pack her bags and leave like she always threatens to.

“The Challenge” (Photo courtesy of MTV)

On the final week of “SWAMD” I realize I am not rooting for any of these assholes, and I cannot wait for it all to end. Mikani and Cody are still withholding the pot in an effort to starve out Alex and Gina (the campers) and force them to give up. This even involves contaminating the water supply with their poop so that the campers are forced to live on coconut water for a few more days. Alex is offered a temptation, and after choosing Gina they are faced with one ticket off the island for $125,000. As in one of them can leave the island early with more money than they would receive if they stayed! These dumbasses really decided to stay and finish the journey for less money and with people that they hate, Mikani and Cody (Mikody). Then, as if they weren’t stupid enough, the campers went to Mikody to discuss their decision to decline the temptation. To negotiate for the pot. No deal. Eventually the final day arrives and the gang have to hike to the final destination to get on a helicopter, but here’s the catch: if they don’t make it on time they have to stay on the island an extra day. On the final journey, Mikody is carrying most of the supplies once again but at least Gina isn’t dragging everyone down. The reach the helicopter and will be returning home with $124,418 each. Not bad for being stranded on an island for a few weeks.

We are at the halfway point of “AYTOSC.” Five couples have left but there’s still five more remaining. Last week Asaf and Kaylen placed last once again, but this one was their final last place. Tori and Morgan were voted into choice and they both chose to share the largest bank and continue with the game together. Mikayla and Cameron, the only couple in an actual relationship continue to be gross and boring. After placing third multiple times they finally get first place and gush about how their relationship is only getting stronger. Whereas there’s Alicia and Mike. Mike is constantly talking about how great Alicia looks and her body and she’s getting very annoyed by his lack of genuine communication and the sexual tension between them. So they have sex. This solves nothing, and they actually place last for the next challenge, creating a music video to show why they are a perfect match. At the choice Tori and Morgan are voted in once again, and we’re not sure if they will share this time. And we never find out! To celebrate the halfway point there is no elimination and it’s a blind choice. Otherwise known as a waste of time.

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