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Screaming, deception and sex, oh my.

| April 11, 2017

How often would you like to relive high school drama in the embodiment of hot twenty-somethings?  For me, it’s guilty pleasure that I drown myself in at least three times a week. Thanks to MTV, I can immerse myself in the dramatic trials and tribulations of money hungry, attention seeking assholes. For the next few weeks I will be giving a review on my top three shows: “The Challenge,” “Stranded with a Million Dollars” and “Are You The One: Second Chances.”

“The Challenge” (Photo courtesy of MTV)

Starting off with a long time favorite of mine (think half of a lifetime…when you’re twenty), it’s “The Challenge!” Living up to its name sake, “The Challenge” offers prior contestants on MTV’s other reality TV shows, (“Road Rules,” “The Real World,” “Are You the One”) along with vets (people who have participated in “The Challenge” before) and the occasional newcomers the chance to compete for a large sum of money through a series of challenges. Every season is a different theme, and this year its Invasion of the Champions. The season began with the Underdogs on an island campsite and it’s been downhill ever since and in two weeks it’ll reach its peak. This week on “The Challenge,” the drama revolved around (Surprise! Surprise!) Shane and Nicole. With the eliminations of Bananas (highest champ count) and Cara Maria, two fierce competitors and even greater pot stirrers, I thought the house may get a little boring. And while Jenna may not being crying about Zach and Corey isn’t banging…anyone for now, Shane manages to create division and explosive arguments that go on for five hours too long. Then there’s Nicole who, finding in Cara Maria’s absence she could no longer juggle two girls, moves to Laura for sole companionship. These are some messy people. Yet I still can’t stand Amanda and Nelson, the most annoyingly insistent contestants that have proven themselves the least. The weakest dog really does bark the loudest.

Next up is “Stranded with a Million Dollars,” MTV’s freshman series. Its premiere beat other ongoing reality tv shows such as “Bad Girls Club” and “The Game of Dating.” Honestly, the first episode was less to be desired, but I have ample time to waste, or at least an ample amount of things to procrastinate. Sticking with the series was a great idea, and if you enjoyed “Survivor” but wanted more terrible personality and whining, then this is your show. It starts off with ten contestants in a deserted island, they have nothing to help them but money and their own clothing. However they have a chance to purchase materials at group buys, where majority rules, the drawback being that every item is ridiculously over priced ($7,000 for a jar of peanut butter). At the beginning of the season, Cody had a plan to drive people out of the game by not buying anything and waiting for them to tap out, but as the days passed, this plan backfired. Soon the group was made of six members with Cody in the minority with wilderness wonder girl, Makani. On the other side of the sand was Gina, Alex, Alonzo and Eilish; the self proclaimed heroes of the season.

They couldn’t have been more wrong.

The four (referred to as the Campers) would buy items in group purchases solely for themselves and leave Makani and Cody out to dry. Or drown. While this is fantastic treatment for Cody, the biggest douchebag known to man, it was not fair for Makani. So she took action. Makani took the Campers tent and sat in it until they agreed to purchase another one (for 30k). For half the season, the Campers have been rude, unfair and hypocritical to Makani and finally in the last episode, two of their members flared out. Now on equal playing ground, it’s Makani and Cody VS Gina and Alex, and Makody is thriving as they like to say. Thanks to Cody’s temptation, they are both well fed and very willing to turn the tables on the Campers. It’s starve out time.

“Stranded with a Million Dollars” (Photo courtesy of MTV)

Last and possibly least entertaining (for me anyway), it’s “Are You the One: Second Chances” (AYTOSC). In an “Amazing Race” format, 10 perfect matches from previous seasons of “Are You the One” (AYTO) gather to win money by competing in challenges that strain or strengthen their bond, communication and trust. This sounds so fun and interesting but unfortunately like its prequel, it’s focused more on house relations and couple drama than competitions and I prefer a good mixture. Anyone who has seen the previous seasons know there is a double standard in how guys are treated than how girls are treated, which is why I was on Alicia’s side last season. This season, I need her to get head in the game (shout out to HSM) and stop kissing these boys. “AYTO” was her chance to find love and she is currently dating Eddy from that season, so why continue to get to ‘know’ other guys? However Alicia’s decisions does not change the best news I’ve seen all week. Francesca chose steal and I won’t have to see Gio ever again… unless he joins “The Challenge.” This week, Asaf and Kaylen came in last place during the competition and the house was able to send in another couple to the choice elimination. It was Francesca and Gio with three options, 1: Both choose share and they stay in the game to compete for more money, 2: One chooses share and the other chooses steal, the person who chose steal will receive all of the money they previously won together or 3: Both choose steal and neither person gets the money, it instead goes to the losing couple, in this case Asaf and Kaylen. The couple that came in last place is allowed to stay to compete for money only if the voted in couple chooses options 2 or 3. Thanks to Francesca picking steal when Gio chose share, we can all sleep soundly for the decade.

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