College of Health and Human Services introduces new major

Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Management will prepare students to choose career path in health field

| April 11, 2017

The College of Health and Human Services is introducing a new major, a Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Management in the Department of Public Health Sciences, that will begin classes in the fall. This is the first new major the university has introduced in several years.

Department Chair Melinda (“Lyndie”) Forthofer said a need for the major was discovered after an independent research group commissioned by the Office of the Provost as well as a college faculty committee researched regional and national trends and both arrived at the same conclusion. The need for the major was identified as a university priority.

The entry level major is designed to train students in several areas of healthcare including health management and health systems. It will also train students in leadership, health care accounting and finance, organizational development and behavior among other things, according to the UNC Charlotte Public Health website. Forthofer said that the broad range in training will prepare students when it comes to choosing a career path in the health field.

“It’s a way to give people access to the health care workforce and get a feel for what they’re interested in and then dig deeper as they identify those interest areas,” said Forthofer.

The first two classes that students can take after completing their general education requirements, which will be at the 2000 level, will be offered in the fall and students must take both courses before declaring for the major. The remaining 24 credit hours of courses in the major will be available in sub-sequence semesters.

While a minor is not required to go along with the major, it is encouraged. According to the Public Health Department’s website, adding a minor will “enrich student readiness for workplace settings that demand effective communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills, digital literacy and effective teamwork.”

While several of the majors in the College of Health and Human Services are restricted and only admit a certain number of students like nursing, exercise science and social work, the health systems management major will be open to all students who complete the pre-requisites and are in good academic standing.

With the copious amount of steps the department had to go through in order to introduce the new major, Forthofer said the new curriculum is extremely well vetted and is expected to reach up to 500 students in a couple years.


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