ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Midnight’ – Lewis Watson

Five reasons why you should get the popular album

| April 17, 2017

“Midnight” album artwork courtesy of Lewis Watson/Cooking Vinyl

A boy, a guitar and a raspy voice: all three combined to capture England’s heart in 2012 and is slowly grabbing hold of America’s. Lewis Watson, the owner of these three things, captivated many with his painfully talented YouTube videos he began to upload to his channel in 2010. His voice stood out, being described as a mix between Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles, and people could not get enough of it. Watson then began to upload his original works to his channel, which quickly led to the release of his four EPs between 2012 and 2013, followed soon after by his first album, “The Morning.” His EPs and one album took over the Indie/Singer-Songwriter genres with his slow acoustic songs that were perfect for a rainy day or an afternoon at a café. Watson created a frenzy in the Tumblr world and left everyone waiting patiently for the release of his newest album, “Midnight,” which was met with widespread support. Here are five reasons why you should give it a listen:

  • He experimented with the overall sound.
    Unlike his EPs and “The Morning,” the songs on “Midnight” have more instruments creating more sounds. It’s no longer just his guitar; now there are drums, pianos and more. Watson held tight to the sad and sweet aesthetic, but his new album brings more feel-good songs infused with lots of instruments and production. There are still his usual slow acoustic songs that snake their way onto the set list, don’t you worry, but fans now have an album for car rides with the windows down and an album for a day in bed.
  • Every song is “related.”
    Each song is different, yet they all have the same general feel, like relatives. Yes, I have the same features as my cousin, but we don’t look exactly alike. That’s how the songs are on “Midnight.” The instrumentation tends to keep the same pattern on each track despite the melody and rhythm, but each song is distinctly different from the next, keeping it exciting.
  • There’s a perfect mixture of happy and sad songs.
    Watson made sure to include his acoustic sound into songs like “Hello” and “Slumber,” but he wanted to get the party started with “Maybe We’re Home” and “Deep the River.” There are enough songs for you to listen to while hanging out with your friends and enough for you to listen to when you need a good cry. The happy weighs out the sad and vice versa. A perfect medium.
  • It’s affordable.
    On iTunes, you can get the entire album for $9.99. Considering Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” is $17.99, “Midnight” is a quality steal. Students with Spotify Premium, who only pay $5.33 a month for the app, can download the album immediately and for just that. It’s a bargain, really, and the quality of the album is worth every penny.
  • Lewis Watson’s voice.
    Need I say more? His voice is delicious.

This album is one of the better things to come out of 2017, and purchasing it is not a bad idea. The songs are amazing, the lyrics are poetic and Watson’s voice could make angels cry. Even if you don’t have any spare change, just giving it a listen on YouTube will change your life. Leave it to Lewis Watson to always kill the music game.

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