2017 Spring Dance Concert is a Great Reminder of the Coming Summer.

UNC Charlotte's students put on an intriguing performance

| April 13, 2017

You could hear the infectious music of the first performance “www.BluePrint” reverberate on the walls outside of Robinson Hall inviting latecomers into Belk Theatre’s showing of the 2017 Spring Dance Concert.

They would have to wait until the doors opened for the second act, as to not disturb the amazing sounding performance.

The second act called “Anthem for a Porcelain Generation” was an interesting piece of contemporary dance created, in part, by students in our school system at Chapel Hill. The music was less far apart at specific points where it was necessary for sound or audio to puncture the choreography as a way to illicit certain kinds of emotions out of the audience, often times laughter.

An exploration of intimacy and communication, dancers would run through different sequences at different parts of the stage and converge together at different times. Sometimes interacting with the audience, other times interacting with each other’s bodies. The dancers did a good job of courageously exhibiting this piece to the spectators.

After intermission the curtains rose for the third performance, “Tracer,” a mashup between music and movement as dancers swayed to the sound of violins and the intensity of a spinning wheel near the center of the stage. Creating a sense of tension throughout the piece.

Ann Dils, Professor and Chair for the Dance Department took the opportunity after the ending of the third performance to give a brief history of “Tracer,” a performance thought to be lost to time, which was reconstructed through the efforts of our school and their sponsors.

The fourth performance was “Esplanade (Section 1),” a melting of dancers in primary colors who conveyed, as they dance with one another, the positivity of social interaction. Executed wonderfully, the colorful dance was also a great reminder of the coming summer.

The final performance, “Faction 6-3-1,” was a sci-fi looking industrial set where the dancers played with light and shadow. And they swayed with one another into the end of the show. All the performers took to the stage once more for well-earned cheers from the audience as they bowed out.

The Spring Dance Concert 2017 took its chances with the material chosen for students to cover, all of which felt like it appealed to different tastes, and which the dancers delivered with great interest. From the beginning act, this event sounded promising, and the reception at the end showed that it was.

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