Spoiler Warning for the ninth hour of “24: Legacy,” as well as all previous seasons of the original series.

Miranda Otto as Rebecca Ingram. (Photo courtesy of FOX)



As the first day of “24: Legacy” nears its final few hours, the realness of the terrorism threat is heightened and the characters are pushed even further. This particular episode does showcase some of the repetition that seems to exist within the franchise. The season is also beginning to feel as though it is being stretched thin to force the threat to remain in play until the full 12 episodes are over. Still, there are some great character moments and interactions that make this episode stand out as one of the stronger of the day so far.

For most of the previous hour, Eric was a captive of Jadalla’s alongside Andy. Thanks to the drone strike and Eric’s determination, Jadalla is captured, but the threat continues with Naseri, who escaped the blast site. As Jadalla is rushed off to CTU for interrogation, Eric and Isaac have a moment of unification, but also separation as Nicole’s worry for Eric is brought up. With Eric still having unfinished business to take care of, he explains to Isaac that he will speak with Nicole after everything is done with, but Isaac isn’t satisfied with this and believes that Eric needs to put Nicole before saving the world. While I understand Isaac’s side of things, Eric and Nicole have literally only been separated for about eight hours and the possible destruction of the world is a little more important than their relationship at the moment. This dilemma is something that came up frequently in the original series, whether it be with Jack Bauer’s daughter Kim, his wife Teri or his girlfriend Audrey Raines. The episode also deals with the aftermath of Andy’s heroic sacrifice in the previous episode; he reunites with Keith, who offers for him to be reinstated as an agent. I have to say, Andy has really impressed me these past few episodes and he has absolutely proved himself to be far more of a fighter than I originally pegged him to be at the start of the day.

There is more drama at CTU as the agent in charge of security receives a phone call from Naseri, claiming to have his mistress as a hostage; the mistress has a bomb strapped to her, which will be detonated if the security officer doesn’t follow Naseri’s demands. The security officer has access to Jadalla, who is in holding, and Naseri plans on taking advantage of this by having the officer cut off the surveillance cameras to the area. At this point, the abhorrently poor security of CTU is an absolute joke; over the course of ten seasons of “24,” CTU has been attacked in multiple different ways and yet the security is never improved. Also, I would really like to speak with whoever is in charge of hiring at CTU, because they seem to have a habit of hiring people that switch their allegiance and help terrorists at the drop of a hat (Nina Myers, Marianne Taylor, Dana Walsh, not to mention the countless employees that are completely careless with their security clearance). I also find it strange that this highly-trained security guard is literally willing to allow countless innocent lives to be lost, because his mistress is being threatened; why aren’t agents trained for scenarios such as this?


CTU manages to track down the location of a residential home, prompting Eric and a few other agents to investigate. Upon entering the home, they find a woman who is claiming to be “Jennifer,” the mistress of the CTU Security officer. In a not-so-surprising twist, the woman is not actually Jennifer, but rather a plant by the terrorists to try to kill the agents. After killing the woman, Eric and the others rush downstairs into the basement to find the real Jennifer tied to a chair with a bomb strapped to her chest; there is also a video camera trained on her and streaming live. Mariana puts her skills to use, creating a video loop to allow Eric to diffuse the bomb, but Jennifer panics and the bomb’s anti-tampering device is triggered. Eric has to rush to remove the bomb from Jennifer before throwing it across the room as it detonates; this particular sequence demonstrates more of Eric’s quick thinking skills and ability to stay calm during life or death situations. This is especially relevant when a certain aspect of Eric and Rebecca’s relationship is revealed in the episode. That revelation is discovered by Nicole, who has returned to her home with Isaac. She discovers a letter from Rebecca to Eric on the floor of her ransacked home, offering him a position at CTU as an agent. Eric apparently never told Nicole about this offer, something that really upsets her; is it possible that Eric didn’t tell Nicole because he never planned on accepting the position?

On the Donovan family drama side of things, there is more tension as John asks Nilaa to set up a meeting with the party leader to officially suspend his campaign; it’s great to have Nilaa back after a rather odd multiple-episode absence and it will be interesting to see if there is any bad blood between her and Rebecca. After Henry is released from the CTU black site, he and John drive back home to recover from his “traumatizing” torture ordeal at the hands of Tony. It is abundantly clear that Henry wishes to drive a wedge between Rebecca and John, but he pushes things even further by opening up and admitting his involvement with the terrorists to John while stating that he should continue his campaign. Fortunately, a talk between Rebecca and John adds a slight bit of hope into the mix that their relationship will recover; even Tony wishes them the best. They decide to meet up and John heads straight to CTU; it was at this moment that I realized someone is either dying or getting kidnapped.

Corey Hawkins as Eric Carter. (Photo courtesy of FOX)

Speaking of Rebecca, she is still working on breaking Jadalla in his holding room, even threatening to send him to Guantanamo Bay if he doesn’t give up some information about Naseri. Of course, Jadalla says nothing and isn’t helpful at all; Rebecca was quite quick to send Henry to Tony to be interrogated, so why doesn’t she do the same with Jadalla? Regardless, Eric is able to relay Jennifer’s identification of her boyfriend security guard to CTU, putting them on lockdown as Senator Donovan is arriving. The terrorists led by Naseri have also arrived, armed and ready for a fight. The security officer manages to remove Jadalla from the holding room, making their way through the hallways of CTU until Rebecca appears and attempts to stop the escape plot. She pulls her gun on the security guard, but the terrorists arrive and shoot the guard in the head, grab Jadalla and fire on Rebecca. While escaping, the terrorists come across John and his bodyguards; they kill the guards and kidnap John (called it) as Rebecca, Locke and Keith rush in alongside other agents. Suddenly, a massive explosion is set off in the CTU corridor, allowing the terrorists to escape with Senator Donovan. Once again, CTU’s poor security leads to another national crisis.


This episode is far from bad, but it does suffer from multiple inconsistencies and instances of repetition. While the attack on CTU is definitely the most exciting part, it feels like I have already seen that entire sequence with the element of surprise going out the window. The inclusion of Tony still feels like unnecessary fan service to me, even though I do love having him back; with a few more episodes left, there is still plenty of story that can be told with his character. The Isaac/Nicole storyline takes a bit of a slowdown this episode and there are some developments on their front that will likely change the fragile relationship with Eric. As the day has progressed, I have seen a growing light inside Eric that will likely cause him to either take the position at CTU or just keep fighting terrorism. As for the Donovans, the developments between John and Rebecca are great and this kidnapping will likely lead to some sort of game-changing sacrifice; it will also be interesting to see how Henry will react when he learns about what is happening to his son, if he doesn’t already know. What will the 9 o’clock hour hold? Be sure to tune in to “24: Legacy” next Monday at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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