Spoiler Warning for the eighth hour of “24: Legacy,” as well as all previous seasons of the original series.

Corey Hawkins as Eric Carter. (Photo courtesy of FOX)



The twists and turns keep coming as “24: Legacy” heads into the final few hours. The characters are pushed to their limits and a bit of hope presents itself in the end, but it typical “24” fashion, the threats are not over until the final clock appears. This is definitely the best episode of the season, managing to evoke a real sense of urgency and fear as the characters must make incredibly difficult choices to protect the country.

Much of the episode revolves around Eric and Andy being captives of Jadalla. Andy proves himself to be way more courageous than I originally gave him credit for as he makes an move to damage the flash drive and wipe it clean. Unfortunately, Jadalla isn’t a dumb man and predicted something like this would happen, giving Andy a fake flash drive to test him. Andy obviously fails the test and Jadalla’s pretends to comfort him, but ultimately stabs him in the leg with a knife, turning it in his flesh as Andy screams out in pain. Andy actually stands up to Jadalla, proving himself to be willing to die to assure that the terrorists aren’t able to activate the other sleeper cells. I’m increasingly impressed with Jadalla as the villain of the season and Raphael Acloque really stands out in his performance, managing to make the character seem sympathetic at moments, but also downright evil at other moments.

As Isaac drives away from the scene of the hostage exchange, Nicole begs for him to return so that they can rescue Eric. Nicole is clearly aware of the fact that Eric is on a suicide mission, but she isn’t ready to let him go, even if she the flame between her and Isaac has be reignited. While driving, Isaac and Nicole are attacked by Jadalla’s men and are forced to make their way into an abandoned warehouse. Nicole and Isaac team up and fight off the terrorists using a variety of makeshift weapons; it’s worth noting that both Nicole and Isaac are strong fighters and are definitely able to handle themselves. After killing all of their attackers, Isaac decides that Nicole is right and that they must rescue Eric, but he calls his crew for backup; of course, nothing is as easy as it seems and Isaac’s rampant paranoia a few hours ago has its consequences.

Over at the CTU blacksite, Tony speaks with Rebecca about Henry’s interrogation and Senator Donovan’s impending arrival; I’m still not quite sure why it too so long for John to arrive when it only took Rebecca and Henry a few moments to get there. Anyway, Senator Donovan finally arrives and is initially hesitant to allow the interrogation to go forward, but ultimately allows it after Rebecca assures him that Henry will not be physically harmed; instead, pain-inducing drugs will be administered that will hopefully prompt Henry to reveal what he knows about Jadalla and the impending attacks. John is quite unsettled after realizing that these “off the books” interrogations are something that Rebecca is used to doing. Tony and his silent girlfriend begin administering the drugs to Henry, but he still refuses to say anything.

Raphael Acloque as Jadalla Bin-Khalid. (Photo courtesy of FOX)

Back at CTU, Keith receives word from the Department of Defense that they are preparing to launch a missile strike against the warehouse that Jadalla is holed up in; Keith fights against this by stating that Andy and Eric would be killed alongside the terrorists. He finally complies after realizing that Andy and Eric might just have to be sacrificed to save the countless lives that are currently at risk; he orders Mariana to send the location of the warehouse to the Department of Defense, an action that deeply bothers her due to her friendship with Andy. I’m rather surprised that Keith would take issue with this plan as most CTU Directors are quick to sacrifice their own for the greater good, but this case is different because of the difficult relationship that has formed between Keith and Andy.

The episode ramps up the intensity as Isaac’s crew join up with him at the warehouse. It takes some begging and pay raises, but his crew ultimately agrees to fight the terrorists and rescue Eric. He also orders one of his men to stay back with Nicole, even as she protests, but quickly realizes that this just might be another suicide mission. Meanwhile, Eric is making plays to anger Jadalla by calling out his corruption of Islam and by insulting his father. There is also a strange moment wherein Eric recognizes one of the terrorists, something that becomes more relevant at the end of the episode. Jadalla is clearly angry and is about to kill Eric when Isaac’s crew arrives and sets in motion a tense action sequence. In the chaos, Andy is able to steal a cell phone from the body of a dead terrorist to call into Mariana at CTU, who warns him of the drone strike. Andy alerts Eric and everyone rushes to the exits, but Isaac is shot in the process by Jadalla. Still, Eric manages to get Isaac out of the building in time as the missile strikes the warehouse in a fiery explosion. CTU arrives to the scene and begins to lock things down, allowing for a brief reunion between Andy and Locke, both of whom are very proud of the former’s bravery. Eric helps to capture a wounded Jadalla, but there is another villain lurking around and his name is Naseri (Oded Fehr), the terrorist that Eric recognized. The episode comes to an end as Henry is released after Rebecca receives word that Jadalla has been arrested. No one is aware of the fact that this day isn’t over just yet.


It is clear that this act of “24: Legacy” has wrapped up, but any fan of the original series can tell you that there is always a contingency plan; just because the bad guy has been caught doesn’t mean that the day is over. This episode is filled with great character development, for pretty much all of the main characters, but especially Andy, Isaac, Rebecca and Senator Donovan. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how the relationships are affected by the turbulent events of the day; something tells me that the John and Rebecca’s plan of moving into the White House together might not happen. I’m also really excited to see if Eric and Isaac’s bond will change and how Nicole will play into things. The inclusion of Tony Almeida is quite troublesome to me, even though he did have a few great moments this episode; at this point, his appearance feels more like fan service than anything, but I do hope that there are bigger things planned for him in the final four episodes. What trouble will Naseri cause? Does Henry actually know anything about the terrorist plots? What will the 8 o’clock hour hold? Be sure to tune into “24: Legacy” next Monday at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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  1. I’m in love with this show.. I hope Senatoe D will realize how cold and calculating his wife is… I hope Isaac will want to go into Law Enforcement I love Eric but hope the writers will deal with how cowardly CTU has behaved and that this one man has to keep coming up with all the risk and ideas. I hope they will offer Eric some official capacity at CTU and shame the director now for not doing everything to save Americans and that drug dealers were the only brace ones to save America

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