Spoiler Warning for the sixth hour of “24: Legacy,” as well as all previous seasons of the original series.

Ashley Thomas as Isaac Carter. (Photo courtesy of FOX)



As the first day of “24: Legacy” reaches its midpoint, it has become increasingly clear that the story is in a strong place. Although last week’s episode didn’t do much for me, the sixth hour packs a lot of punches by ramping up the threats and setting the stage for a crazy second half. While some of the storylines are literally ripped from the original series, there is a fresh feel to them that allows for the shocking twists to be fully effective. As the day proceeds, it becomes less clear as to whether or not Eric and CTU will be able to stop the terrorists.

Following the shocking turn of events in the previous hour where Ben was brutally murdered by Gabriel’s men, Eric is forced to come to terms with the loss of his friend. Locke makes several demeaning and insensitive remarks about Ben, prompting Eric to defend his friend’s honor. Fortunately, Eric’s quick thinking allowed for some of the files on Gabriel’s computer to be saved, giving CTU access to information about Jadalla and his men. Keith orders the tactical team to head over to an address on the IDs and Eric voices his desire to tag along and see the mission through. While on their way to the terrorist headquarters, information about the siege on Gabriel’s warehouse gets out to the press. By the time they get to Jadalla’s base, he has fled along with his men. This angers Eric, who is quickly realizing that the day isn’t going to be ending any time soon. It’s clear that the death of Ben will serve as a catalyst for Eric to finish out the rest of the day, giving him even more reason to stop the terrorists and possibly avenge his fallen fellow soldiers.

Over at the Dudayev household, Amira and Khasan prepare to launch their attack, although the viewers are left in the dark as to what exactly the target is. Mikail pleads with Amira to stop what she is doing, stating that Khasan is polluting her mind. In the basement, Khasan puts the finishing touches on multiple explosive barrels as Mr. Harris arrives with chemicals needed to carry out the attack. Mr. Harris notices that Amira is acting rather strangely and tries to persuade her to leave behind Khasan and not go through with the attack. After the trio finish loading the barrels onto a box truck, Mr. Harris pulls a gun on Khasan before explaining that he and Amira are not helping him anymore. Chaos erupts as Khasan tries to take the gun, leading Mr. Harris to pull the trigger and shoot him. Suddenly, Amira stabs Mr. Harris in the back with a sharp tool as Khasan bleeds out on the ground. This dramatic turn of events shakes up the Dudayev siblings’ plan as Khasan was originally set to martyr himself by driving the truck and setting off the explosives. As he lay dying on the ground, Khasan urges Amira to stay the course and go through with the mission herself. After being tested throughout the day, Amira is faced with a deadly ultimatum.

Anna Diop as Nicole Carter. (Photo courtesy of Guy D’Alema/FOX)

Back at CTU, the interrogation of Henry continues, but a different approach is taken. Senator Donovan makes things personal in his attempt to get Henry to confess to being connected to Jadalla. By stating that his campaign will be negatively impacted by Henry’s arrest, Senator Donovan still has no success in getting through to Henry, who seems to have no memory of being involved with the terrorists; while it may seem like Henry is simply lying, I get the feeling that he may be suffering from dementia or a memory block. With Nilaa set to be released soon, John decides apologize to her and ask her to set up a meeting with the leader of the party so that he can formally end his campaign; she appreciates his apology and loyalty, but I still get the feeling that Nilaa will betray John later in the day. The decision to withdraw from the presidential race is probably for the best as the country has been through enough scandals involving the commander in chief over the past 10 days of the series.

The final act of the episode is when shit really hits the fan. Realizing that Nicole would probably best safest at CTU (this is certainly not a safe place when you think of all of the deaths that have occurred at CTU), Eric sends two agents to pick up Nicole from Isaac’s. After a slightly awkward/slightly romantic goodbye between Isaac and Nicole, the two CTU agents are ambushed by a team of gunmen, who also shoot Isaac as he shields Nicole from bullets. The gunmen capture Nicole and Isaac, throw them into a van and drive away from the scene; while this is most definitely a plot line from the original series (think of the number of times that Kim Bauer was kidnapped), it will be exciting to see if they both make it out alive.

In terms of Amira, she says a final goodbye to her still restrained father and makes him aware of the fact that Khasan has been killed. After she leaves, Mikail manages to escape from his bounds and make his way into the basement where he discovers the plans for the attack. He calls Amira and tearfully begs for her to return home, but she isn’t listening anymore; without any other options, he decides to call 911 and in a matter of a few seconds, CTU is alerted and has a full background on the entire Dudayev family. Using the impressive CTU technology and Mikail’s description of the truck, Mariana is able to track down Amira, who is apparently in New Jersey; I honestly believed that her storyline was also taking place in Washington DC, but she was apparently in New Jersey the whole time. CTU is able to deduce that Amira’s target is the George Washington Bridge, which crosses the Hudson River and connects New Jersey to Upper Manhattan. Keith is able to get in contact with a police officer stationed on the bridge, who runs into traffic and locates the truck. After firing a few shots off at Amira and warning the motorists to get off the bridge, the officer makes his way to the crashed truck. Amira has taken multiple shots, but in a not-so-shocking twist, she wakes up and detonates the explosives, killing herself and destroying the middle part of the bridge. Everyone at CTU is horrified as they watch the bridge collapse into the river below it. In the final seconds, Eric receives a phone call from Jadalla alerting him of Nicole and Isaac’s kidnapping and ordering him to find someone that can repair the damaged flash drive. These final scenes are extremely intense and pulse-pounding, finally establishing the villains as a forced to be feared.


The situation is looking quite grim as the terrorists have gained the upper hand and CTU is essentially without a lead. With his wife and brother kidnapped, Eric will likely be forced to betray everyone at CTU and work alongside the terrorists, possibly with Andy to repair the flash drive. The insane turn of events in this episode help to make the terrorists actually feel threatening, especially considering the attack on the bridge was carried out by a single cell; I am a bit disappointed that CTU New York wasn’t brought in to help stop the attack as this would have been a fun callback to Day 8. While I am sad to see the Amira storyline come to an end, it does open up the possibility of introducing new villains to follow. The Senator Donovan storyline does move forward slightly, but it isn’t exactly clear where this is headed and how it will connect to the main plot. Will the campaign come to an end or has it just hit a speed bump? Can Nilaa truly be trusted or is she playing John? What will the six o’clock hour hold? Be sure to tune into “24: Legacy” next Monday at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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