Throwing it Back Past Thursday

Middle aged comedians and their old tricks

| March 7, 2017

Have you ever walked into a room and wondered if you were in the right place? I have and luckily I was not alone; March 2. students entered room 340GHI confused and curious. We came for a comedy show and found a chipmunk DJ chanting “Do it for the ‘gram” and playing last September’s top 40 hits. I’d like to say his name was DJ Space Age Timmy, but the Campus Activities Board seems to have a hard time naming their performers. Or publishing their information. Anywhere.

Oh no, another CAB event? You bet your ass it’s another CAB event. Robert Wright & Company joined us at UNCC to perform stand up comedy. Whether due to a lack of advertising or simply a lack in interest, there was an audience of 30 people. That is, of course including eight CAB staff members and the event technician. Setting foot into the room, it was quite dark with flashing lights, much like a nightclub, which was odd considering the circumstances. I am not aware for how long DJ Timmy was ‘mixing beats’ but I arrived five minutes before the show began and then he continued to play out-of-season rap songs until 8:10 pm. At this point I’m just surprised that the microphones are working and that the comedy is happening only 10 minutes late.

The music stops and Robert Wright walks onto stage. Overhead lights are turned on and we get to see our host for the evening. Wright opens with fat jokes, joking about how big our campus is and how “there’s no way you can be fat on this campus.” After a few awkward chuckles, he moves on to other topics such as child support, working at Walmart and how much he hates the DJ. Some of his jokes were funny but most of them, and most of the entire night’s set, was unrelatable parent humor. As Wright spoke, I kept thinking to myself “My dad would love this.” My dad would most definitely relate to Wright more than a diverse group of college students. He would have recognized the 2LiveCrew shirt the DJ was wearing and understood the child support payments and would probably find middle-aged sex jokes hilarious. However, I, nor was anyone in that audience, my dad.

Wright introduced three other comedians on stage. Two of the performers were stilted and the audience was not feeling reciprocal to their efforts, but fortunately there was Lady Shamar. The highlight of the evening.

Using body humor, audience interaction, and being LGBT inclusive, Lady Shamar proved to have the talent and jokes to transcend the generation barrier and make us all laugh out loud. In this day and age, finding a female comedian is pretty hard, so finding a black female comedian is almost as hard as winning the lottery. Twice. Lady Shamar was able to joke about her weight, age and racial relations without anyone feeling embarrassed or overtly uncomfortable. Not only did I find her set enjoyable, but I bet my dad would to. People go out to comedy shows to laugh and have a good time, so while CAB may have missed a few marks with out of touch and very out of date performers, it could have been a lot worse. There could have been no Shamar.

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