The Weirdest Characters You’ll find in “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”

Check out some of the weirdest characters scattered all across the land of Hyrule.

| March 20, 2017

Almost every game in “The Legend of Zelda” series has included a cast of weird characters, which plays a large part in why the games are as charming as they are. Everyone knows of long-time fan favorites like Tingle, the 30 year-old fairy wannabe and the off-putting Happy Mask Salesman, but “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” introduces a wealth of new characters for fans to clamor after. Given the size of Hyrule in this iteration, it makes sense as to why there are so many great ones this time around that Link will meet during his travels.

7. Purah

Early on in the game, you meet this hyperactive scientist in Hateno Village during one of the main quest lines. She studies the ancient technology left behind by the Sheikah tribe and helps Link to upgrade his Sheikah Slate with a variety of features. What earns her a spot on the list is despite being about 120 years old, she has the personality and appearance of a six year old. This is due to an experiment gone wrong with one of the Sheikah Slate runes, causing her to age backwards until the age of six. If you explore her research center and find her room, you have a chance to read her diary which shows off how her manner of speaking and thinking changed as she got younger.

6. Cado

Screenshot courtesy of Nintendo

If there was ever a Conspiracy Theory: Hyrule Edition TV show, this guy would probably be the main host. Cado can be found in Kakariko Village where he spends his time split between guarding the village elders home and studying his coop of cuccos. You learn that he became so obsessed with the chicken-like creatures that his wife left him, leaving him alone with only his cuccos to keep him company. If you venture into his home, you will find numerous posters of cuccos on his walls as if he were piecing together a murder investigation.

5. Magda (A.K.A. The Psychotic Flower Lady)

Best shown if you see her for yourself, Magda spends her days tending to a maze of flowers on a lone island inhabited by her and a single shrine. If you step on her flowers and continue to do so, she will warn you until she finally snaps, leading to this burst of outrage. For a brief moment while she was hunched over with the ominous music playing, I thought for sure she was going to transform into some kind of monster. The best part is that there are moments like these to be found all across the map of Hyrule, just waiting to be found.

4. Hestu

Found on the way to Kakariko Village, this giant Korok tasks you with retrieving his maracas and the seeds to go with them. Once you return his maracas and give him a few seeds, Hestu will allow inventory slot upgrades for an increasing amount of Korok seeds each time. He performs an adorable dance for each upgrade and after a few of them, he returns to the Lost Woods where the rest of the Korok children can be found. The seeds can be found in little puzzles from regular Koroks all throughout the map, coming in at 900 seeds to be found total. You only need about half of this amount to max out your inventory, but the rest will be a true test for completionists.

3. Bolson

Screenshot courtesy of Nintendo

The face of Bolson Construction, this flamboyant foreman can be found first at an abandoned home in Hateno Village along with his workers Karson and Hudson. His business is an odd one, requiring that every worker’s name end in -son, which comes up in a later side quest. He allows you to buy the abandoned house, as well as upgrade it later on, giving you a place to put your best weapons on display and sleep. Bolson even gives a few dance tips to Link once all of his side quests are finished, and then proceeds to sit in the front lawn of your house for the remainder of the game.

2. Prince Sidon

Screenshot courtesy of Nintendo

Heir to the Zora throne, this Prince has quickly become a favorite among fans online ever since the game released two weeks ago. He is basically the Chip Skylark of Zoras, having a huge fan club of female Zoras in Zora’s Domain and giving his signature smile and victory pose to the camera on more than one occasion. When you first meet Prince Sidon, he tells Link to follow him to Zora’s Domain, which he then travels by river while leaving Link to the more dangerous path on foot, although he gives encouraging words to the mute hero along the way. His positive outlook on everything is overwhelming and he plays a crucial role in getting Link to the Divine Beast Ruta, making him one of my favorite characters in “Breath of the Wild.”

1. Kilton

Screenshot courtesy of Nintendo

While he does not have the same creep factor as the Happy Mask Salesman, this strange guy can be found at various spots near every village only at night. He runs the shop named Fang & Bone, which specializes in buying monster parts for his own currency called mon. Mon can be spent only at his store for special items like monster masks that allow you to go unnoticed by certain beasts depending on the one you have equipped. His look is very unsettling, as well as the sounds and things he says while speaking to Link. He certainly isn’t someone I would want standing over my bed in the middle of the night, earning him the top spot on this list.

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