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If you are a music lover like I am and you have not been to a music festival yet… you are seriously missing out. It may seem like a scary or exhausting use of time but it will be something you will remember forever. If you are a fan of concerts, just imagine all your favorite artists in one area playing back to back. Music festivals can be a serious commitment but one of the most life changing things you will ever experience. This is the best time to go to one, when we are young and can take the time out to do so.

1. Getting there
Have you ever heard getting there is half the fun? Well, if you are going to a music festival

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chances are you are taking a road trip there. Just getting to your destination is even part of the fun. There aren’t any big music festivals in North Carolina, which needs to change, so most likely you are going to be traveling out of state to attend one. Flying can get expensive, so carpooling with all your friends and pitching in for gas money is the best idea. If you have never taken a road trip before, you are in for a serious treat. Some people do not like them, but when you are surrounded by friends, listening to your favorite songs, and in the state of mind you are going to a music festival, it can be a lot of fun just driving in the car. Make sure to pack snacks and have a great in-car DJ. Time will fly by when you’re having fun getting there so enjoy the little things like time spent with friends in the car.

2. Friends
Speaking of spending time with friends, this is such a fun and unique way to be together. Music festivals are meant to be spent with people that are close to you and share common interests. Go with your pals that like all the same music you do. This is such a fun outing that is different from the typical bar scene with friends or even just a concert for a night. You are spending about two-four days with these people with non-stop things to do. It can be tiring, but such a memorable time everyone can share for years. My only advice would be to go with people who can handle such a long event. Your friends need to be able to handle hot weather, lots of standing and of course love the music.

3. Music
This then brings me to my next point of simply, the music. This is why you are going to a music festival in the first place! Like I mentioned before, imagine concerts back to back from each other. Also, usually festivals have all types of music and not just one genre. This is great because at one point you could be dancing and the next to relax, listen to something more acoustic. There are headliners and smaller acts as well. This can be fun to see smaller acts you’ve never heard of to listen to some new tunes and sometimes even meet the bands. At big festivals there are no “assigned seats” you pay for so if there is an artist you really want to see, you can stand there for hours till you make your way to the front row. Lastly, music festivals are a lot more relaxed than seeing an act in a venue. The bands/artists are a lot more loose than they would be within an inside venue. They can move around more and say whatever they want to get the crowd going. Music is just a lot better with a music festival than the strict limitations from your average concert and is so worth the money.

4. Festivities
Other than the music being there, there are other things that make up the “festival” part of a music festival. A lot of times there will be rides there you can ride. There’s of course great food and drink options to keep you going. Often times there will be sporting events you can take place in. There may be skateboarders and opportunities to do yoga going on. There is a ton of picture ops to be taken with the surroundings as well. And whatever city you are in, there is always tons of stuff going on outside of the concerts. Once it hits night-time, there are tons of bars in the area to check out to keep the fun going.

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5. Memories
Lastly, the memory of having the privilege to attend such a fun event will be carried in your memories forever. Going to a music festival, I know is something I will never forget. I often reminisce on previous ones I have been to and can’t stop thinking of the next one I will attend. It’s so much fun to look back at old pictures of friends and videos of the live music. Being in a new city for days with nothing but listening to music non-stop is an experience that you need to have at least once in your lifetime. It truly is something you will always remember.