ALBUM REVIEW: ‘There Is A Cloud’ – Elevation Worship

"Thunder and lighting is awesome, but what's in the whisper?"

| March 23, 2017

‘There is a cloud’ album artwork courtesy of Elevation Church

Elevation Church takes pride in the fact that they write their own music; “There Is A Cloud” is a product of this effort. “There Is A Cloud” by Elevation Worship premiered March 17 at number 1 on iTunes. The hope of the church is for “There Is A Cloud” to encourage others. The songs are confessions; something Elevation does really well is finding the words to hit home.

Listening through the album, it doesn’t feel like church music. Alright, I take that back; yes you can tell it’s Christian music when you listen to the lyrics like “sing praise to our god/ for his and is worthy,” but when it’s over EDM, it definitely doesn’t feel like your stereotypical church music. It’s an album that’s easy to jam out to in a car as a quick pick me up. It’s easy to find yourself humming along to the songs hours after you’ve listened to them. Like most albums, you could listen to a song and get to a point in which you think “… might not be the one for me.” However, after a few more verses there is a line in which it feels like the worship team knew exactly what you were going though and just spoke to your soul. At the end of the day that’s what “There Is A Cloud” is: an album that speaks to the soul. It makes worship accessible, enjoyable and leaves you feeling better. It’s hard to still be angry after listening to a few songs.  

At the release party, Pastor Steven Furtick spoke about hearing God in the sheer silence, “Thunder and lighting is awesome, but what’s in the whisper?” Continuing, he asked, ” Are you receiving what God is releasing?” We often get stuck on what people have done to us, what happened in the past and what we need to do to get back to them. But what about what’s being extended to us?

Pastor Steven gave perspective with a video of a boy named Marky who has “butterfly skin,” a disease in which the skin is so fragile that any friction will cause the skin to blister and fall off. Although Marky lives in Wisconsin, he heard “Resurrecting” from Elevation’s 2016 album “Here is in Heaven” and has claimed the song as his own, saying ‘he would be resurrected, just like the song says, in his perfect body.’ Elevation is bringing hope to people hundreds of miles away through their music.

For those not familiar with Elevation Church, it is a local church based in Charlotte with 11 campuses in North Carolina, and 14 total, as well as multiple counties tuning in to the church’s online platforms.  

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