TV REVIEW: ’24: Legacy’ – ‘3:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.’

The fourth hour of "24: Legacy" shifts the focus while remaining compelling and fast-paced.

| February 22, 2017

Spoiler Warning for the fourth hour of “24: Legacy,” as well as all previous seasons of the original series.

Corey Hawkins as Eric Carter and Miranda Otto as Rebecca Ingram. (Photo courtesy of FOX)



Four episodes into “24: Legacy” and the “spin-off” is really beginning to feel like its predecessor, complete with the recurring tropes and plot inconsistencies. That isn’t to say that the series has hit a speed bump, quite the opposite instead. The fourth episode continues to fly through the plot at a far more rapid rate than I ever expected, still managing to deliver shocking twists that help to separate the show from the original. With Eric Carter takes a bit of a backseat this episode, the other characters are given the opportunity to step into the spotlight and shine.

Over at the Donovan Mansion, Rebecca prepares to transport Nilaa to CTU for further questioning. Senator Donovan is sent in to speak with Nilaa, but she continues to claim that she is innocent. At the scene of last week’s big chase, Eric, who was literally just hit by a car, physically confronts Ben. There is more of the same plot convenience as Ben is shown to be apologetic for allowing the terrorists to gain control of the flash drive; didn’t we just watch two hours of him attempting to sell it to the terrorists? Ben states that he will fix the situation as he is loaded into an ambulance bound for CTU. This scene showcases the anger that Eric feels after being betrayed by Ben, who’s foolish actions are now putting countless lives at risk. Going back to Eric being hit by a car, if I can remember correctly, this is something that happened to Jack Bauer a few times; the power of plot armor, brush it off and get back up.

The situation with Nicole hits a breaking point as Aisha steps out of the room to check in on the drug deal, giving Nicole the opportunity to escape. She flips a table, knocking Jerome (Hajji Golightly) to the ground before fleeing out the door, over a railing and fumbling to the ground. She then takes off in a full sprint as Aisha and Jerome follow after her with their guns out and ready to kill. Nicole then hides behind a few cars, managing to attack Aisha and steal her gun. Jerome arrives and Nicole order him to turn over his gun before calling Isaac and warning him of the ambush about to take place at the drug deal. Isaac is able to intimidate the dealer before a bloodbath ensues, demonstrating his ability to calm situations and still get results. Nicole isn’t able to go through with shooting either Aisha or Jerome and the two flee from the scene as police roll up and arrest Nicole.

Coral Peña as Mariana Stiles and Dan Bucatinsky as Andy. (Photo courtesy of FOX)

The Nicole storyline this episode receives hefty developments, just as I have been hoping for the past few episodes. Finally being able to take a minute to catch his breath, Eric calls Isaac to check in on Nicole. This is a rather touching as we haven’t seen many moments between these two estranged brothers. Isaac lies and states that Nicole is perfectly fine and that she has been helping him deal with a girl problem; Isaac seems to be an expert at lying because he gets himself out of two sticky situations within a few minutes of each other. Sitting in the back of a police car, Nicole spots Isaac and his crew pulling up to the scene. He speaks with the officers and is able to bribe Nicole’s way out of being taken in and processed. There is a brief instant where it appears as though the Nicole and Isaac relationship may be rekindled. Part of me really hopes that the story doesn’t go down this route as it could turn out to be incredibly cliché and drawn out.

This episode features Eric’s first visit to CTU, where he reunites with Rebecca and gets an update on the crisis. Eric is taken to the infirmary, giving him the opportunity to speak with Ben after he has calmed down from their altercation earlier. Ben claims to have recognized the terrorist’s guns as originating from an arms dealer named Gabriel, who used to work for the rogue private military corporation, Starkwood, that was at the center of the events of Day 7; this is another fun callback to the original series, specifically the fantastic storyline that featured Jon Voight as the insane Jonas Hodges. Ben pleads for Eric to allow him to resolve the issues that he has caused, claiming that this is his only chance to avoid the death penalty which likely awaits him. Eric presents Ben’s proposal to Keith and Rebecca, but it is shut down immediately. However, Rebecca decides that this may be the only course of action that will yield results and agrees to help. She enlists Andy, who has already begun working on collecting the materials that they need. Apparently, Keith is planning on firing Andy, prompting him to act against orders and work under the table.

Jimmy Smits as Senator John Donovan. (Photo courtesy of FOX)

On the side of the terrorists, the flash drive is found to be damaged, however Jadalla doesn’t seem to be bothered by this at all. Also, Amira is put in the difficult position of dealing with Drew before he becomes a full blown problem. She is at the hospital, but can’t quite figure out the proper way of eliminating him. She calls her brother Khasan (Themo Melikidze) to ask for advice, but Drew’s mother arrives and seeks comfort in Amira. There seems to be a crisis of faith happening as Amira doesn’t totally feel comfortable with the prospect of having to kill Drew, likely due to the fact that the two previously dated. She works up the nerve and enters Drew’s room with a syringe, which Khasan tells her to fill with air and inject into Drew’s IV. After freezing up, Amira is startled when Drew gains consciousness and begins lashing out at her. She is able to subdue him and inject the IV, killing him as she tearfully flees the scene. This particular sequence is a highlight of the episode as it manages to create a real sense of tension as Amira is nearly caught. Again, I am interested to see where this subplot goes moving forward, especially in regards to how it will connect to the main story.

Back at the Donovan mansion, John struggles with the possibility that one of his most trusted allies may be a terrorist. An aide enters the room and is able to comfort Senator Donovan by providing evidence of Nilaa’s protest at the mosque via archived news footage that shows her debating the radical Imam. This gives Senator Donovan enough confidence to support Nilaa and confront his father. After speaking with a colleague at NSA, John explains to his father that the footage of Nilaa had been manipulated; using the process of elimination, John is able to figure out that his father was the one that leaked the names of the Rangers and framed Nilaa for it. Henry explains that he only acted in John’s best interests, claiming that he was covering up a connection between his company and ISIS. Senator Donovan storms off to report his findings to Rebecca as Luis touches base with Henry; they aren’t quite ready to be taken down just yet. Back at CTU, Eric is being debriefed by an agent, but cuts things short after receiving the materials from Andy. This prompts Eric to make another Jack Bauer move and knock out the agent, disable the entire CTU system and escape with Ben.


With Eric and Ben now on the run, will they be able to get the job done without the help of CTU? Surely they will need CTU backup eventually, but it is quite interesting that this is the second time already this season that Eric is on the run from law enforcement. The progression of all storylines, as well as the dramatic character developments, specifically with Senator Donovan, Nicole, Isaac and Amira, help to maintain the extremely fast paced feel of the season. Some aspects of the story that feel reminiscent to the original series do work, but others do not; specifically the character of Andy, who still feels too much like a Chloe O’Brian carbon copy for my liking. Still, I do commend the series for having a fresh feel to it with the updated technology and dramatic plot twists. What will the four o’clock hour hold? Tune in to “24: Legacy” next Monday at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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Jeffrey Kopp is the Arts & Entertainment Editor of the Niner Times. He is a junior double majoring in Communication and Political Science, with a minor in Criminal Justice. His interests include writing and keeping up with an excessive amount of television shows. He is also the go-to expert on all things “The Walking Dead.”