TRACK REVIEW: ‘I Don’t Want To Dance’ – Coin

The latest hit from Coin will leave you wanting to dance.

| February 25, 2017

If you like “Talk Too Much” by Coin, then you will like their new single. Coin just released a new single, “I Don’t Want to Dance” on Spotify. The song has a nostalgic feel of the 90’s. You cannot help but dance to it.

Coin has the talent to create catchy songs that guarantee to be stuck in your head for weeks. Their new single sets the tone to their new album, which will be released in the spring.

In “I Don’t Want to Dance,” the band explores contradictions of wanting to be yourself and impressing people. The band also explores the struggles of wanting to live your life and worrying about what other people will think about chasing your dreams.

The Nashville- based band is on tour right now. They will be coming to Charlotte to the Visulite Theatre on May 10. to hopefully showcase their new album.

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