Sound & Shape come to Charlotte

A Night to Remember at the Milestone Club.

| February 4, 2017

Sound & Shape rocked out at the Milestone on Thursday. The Milestone has been open since 1969. The walls are covered in stickers and graffiti by many bands that played there. In fact, Sound & Shape played at the same stage as the Go-Go’s and R.E.M.

Sound and Shape plays at the Milestone. (Photo by Erin Cortez)

Sound & Shape came all the way from Nashville, Tennessee to play some of their old and new songs. Some of my favorite songs include “Venus” and “Peasants.”

The band is releasing a new album called “Peasants,” which will only be available on vinyl. Releasing an album only on vinyl is extremely rare. Nowadays, most bands release their albums on Spotify or through CDs.

Members of the band include Allen Jones (drums), Gaines Cooper (Bass) and Ryan Caudle (vocals/guitar/keyboardist). Each band member showed off their individual talents, which are amazing on their own, but a better sound when put together. These talents include, guitar shredding skills, fast-paced drum patterns and a melodic bass sound.

Erin Cortez of the Niner Times recently spoke with the band’s leader singer, Ryan Caudle, about their music and touring.

Q: What are some of your music inspirations?

A: The Beatles, Neil Young and Oasis are my favorite bands. We always like a bunch of different stuff. Some of the members are into the harder sounds and more out there music. We pretty much listen to anything across the board.

Q: Is this your first time touring?

A: No, we have toured the country many times. I have not myself toured in the last couple years, but we just started a new album that is coming out in March, so we just started cranking it up again.

Q: What is your favorite place that you have gone to so far?

A: It depends. I mean the best shows don’t necessarily happen in favorite places. San Francisco is a lot of fun. We are playing tomorrow at Trenton, New Jersey, one of our favorite places. We first played there when we were staying in New Jersey making our first album. So it’s always fun to come back to the venue, pretty much every time. It’s a small little basement club and it’s always packed. Charleston is really nice. We haven’t been to Charlotte in a long time, but my dad and brother live here, so I’m probably going to spend a lot time there.

Q: What is your favorite part of touring?

A: That’s probably changed over the years. Definitely playing on shows every night is the best part of it. But also, getting to see people you don’t usually see because they live from the other part of the country, that’s probably one of the best parts.

Q: What’s your ultimate dream?

A: That’s actually changed over time as well. Probably to make enough money to send my son to college. I have a four year old. There’s no telling what college will be like when he is ready to go. But overall, to make great records, play great shows and to sustain quality over a long period of time.

Q: How long has Sound & Shape been a band?

A: Sound & Shape has been a band for over about 10 years now. My bass player has been with me for 5 and half years now. The drummer for three. We just added a second guitar player a little over a year ago.

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