Senate Update: Sophomore class will have “halfway there fair”

| February 14, 2017

The UNC Charlotte Student Government Association (SGA) held their fifth weekly student senate legislative meeting of the year Feb. 9.

Guest Speakers

The Secretary for Information Technology Gyovanni Boston-Crompton addressed the Senate on several projects she is working on.

South Village will receive a printer in fall 2017. REPROS, who supplies the printers, are looking for suggestions of other places that students believe would benefit from having a printer.

Boston-Crompton is also meeting with IT directors at each college to discuss issues specific to each college. IT directors have mentioned to her they want to hear more feedback from students.

Boston-Crompton also met with the Classroom Support Committee and discussed the need for all classrooms to be approved by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Renovations to rooms have happened in Fretwell and Cameron. Changes will continue to be made across campus. Clickers also needed to become more ADA friendly. A large amount of faculty requested a change to the clicker program. The change will be announced on Friday.

Sophomore Class President Robert Fleming announced that the sophomore class will be having a “Halfway There Fair” named after the idea that they are halfway through college. While the fair will have food and games, it will also tables from places like the Career Center. The tentative date and location is April 6 on the West Quad.

Senator Bailey Russell spoke on behalf of Student Body Treasurer Hayden Smith. She discussed the 2017-18 budget and budget cuts that each class council will experience.

Secretary for Internal Affairs Marshall Stookey discussed the upcoming SGA elections. Nominations will be open Feb. 18-27. Elections will be held March 28-29. Positions open to run for are listed on the UNCC SGA website.

New Student Organizations

The Senate approved the following new student organizations:

Anthropology Graduate Student Association – The goal of this organization is to provide an opportunity for the professional development of anthropology graduate students and advocate for student participation through community and academic platforms.

Student Parent Association- This organization was created by parenting students, to help provide academic and personal support, resources and networking opportunities to future, current and/or past parenting students, regardless of age or sex. The goal of SPA is to provide peer support and useful resources for parenting and/or pregnant students. SPA and its officers plan to utilize a collection of personal knowledge, in addition to resources provided by advisors and university staff, to provide academic assistance, familial aid and personal support sought by parenting students.

Puppy Love – This organization will raise money and volunteer for local shelters and spread awareness for the “Adopt, Don’t Shop” movement. They will put on various fundraising events and workshops to further educate members about pet care, shelter animals and animal rights.

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