Papadosio: Thrilling Show or Just Jingly Tunes

The pros and cons of the prog-rock group's latest show.

| February 5, 2017

Papadosio Pattern Integrities Tour poster courtesy of the artist.

Charlotte N.C. — The prog-rock group Papadosio played to an enthusiastic crowd late Thursday evening at the Underground here in Charlotte.

Since 2009, the group has put out four studio albums; however, many music listeners might find themselves unfamiliar with the group’s work. That’s where I was in visiting the Underground for Papadosio’s performance.

And so, totally unfamiliar with the group, I wondered what sort of musical experience I had gotten myself into.

The group took the stage with four members: a drummer, guitar player, bassist and keyboardist. To my surprise, the show was highly enjoyable. With great energy, thunderous guitar solos and a dash of funk one might find on a Prince record, it was a thrilling experience to watch this group, that I had previously been unaware of, take my breath away.

There was only one problem, the group I was watching was not Papadosio. Yes, after a few sets, the slice of garage-rock bliss that I was watching revealed themselves to be the opening act Backup Planet.

It wouldn’t be until around 10 p.m. that Papadosio finally took the stage. By that point the audience in the Underground had grown from around fifty to a couple hundred people. Perhaps this group was not as unknown as I had imagined.

So, what was Papadosio? For one thing, the group’s music is largely free of words. They are more concerned with just well crafted jams than any kind of lyrics.

Around the room, individuals began to dance. A young woman in a backless dress, scarfed hood and squirrel tail pranced around the room. The songs all seemed to blend into each other in an effortless stream of music.

This is the kind of music that would be great for studying or relaxingly catching up with friends. As far as musicianship goes, these guys are very talented and, while interaction with your audience is a key component to almost any concert, there is something kind of nice about a band just going on stage, giving you the music and letting that be the experience. After all, the music is what you came for.

However, as much as I admire the musicianship of this group, I’m afraid I am not their desired audience. I couldn’t help think back on that opening act. Yes, I understand that there can be different types of performances, but I felt there was a connection with Backup Planet.

Listening to Papadosio was just listening to music; the audience reacted to what was being played rather than the energy of those who played the instruments. Isn’t that why we go to concerts to see music live? So we can have a shared experience with not just those around us but somehow feel connected to those that perform?

Papadosio seemed as though they were there to play music, what we as an audience did with that music was up to us. With Backup Planet, I felt as though I was watching musicians who wanted to create an experience and relationship with their audience, allowing us to join in the fun they were clearly having.

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Jesse Nussman is a senior at UNCC majoring in Communications and minoring in film. He is an avid film lover and writes about various pop-culture subjects within film, television, and music.

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  1. Austin McCandless says:

    The boys connect with their fans outside of the show. It is a beautifully connected fan base outside of the show that carries that energy. So when it comes to show time that is not needed. The connection is already present so there is more time for killer tunes.

  2. I know a lot of people that would highly disagree with you sir. Austin McCandless makes a good concept of what’s going on. They also have a lot music with “lyrics” that have profound messages to better ourselves and the planet around us. You might want to spend some time familiarizing yourself with their catalog here @ The last album Pattern integrities is entire instrumental. This is the spring tour for that album. The album before that is a lyrical masterpiece full of inspirational messages that might be more to your liking . It is called Extras in a Movie you can find it there on BC. Sorry for the long read. =P

  3. Also did you have a chance to come by the Advocates of Change table at this show. We are a non profit that raises money for local charites in several chapters now on the east coast. We where raising money to help the Urban Ministry Center of Charlotte. Which I am sure you are familiar with as being the oldest soup kitchens service and homeless outreach mission in the area. We where holding a art raffle. If you came and looked at any of it or the Papadosio merch area. I most likely would have talked to you. Advocates is completely started with inspiration from Papadosio and the love shared by this fan base. You can help if you would like here @

  4. david barns says:

    backup planet connects with bros best

Jesse Nussman is a senior at UNCC majoring in Communications and minoring in film. He is an avid film lover and writes about various pop-culture subjects within film, television, and music.

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