Progress of Lynx Blue Line extension on UNC Charlotte’s north side of campus. Photo by Alexandria Sands.

The Lynx Blue Line Extension that will connect uptown Charlotte to campus has been delayed to March 2018, at the latest. The original opening was planned for August 2017.

Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) made the announcement Monday, saying that the delay was due to construction coordination challenges but that the $1.16 billion project would still remain under budget.

CATS also said that they plan to try any time-saving activities that may help them complete the nine percent of the construction left and open prior to the March deadline that is required by the federal government.

“CATS is truly eager to deliver the next phase of the 2030 Transit Corridor System Plan to the Charlotte region. The Blue Line Extension will provide key connections between Uptown Charlotte and UNC Charlotte, and we are grateful for the public’s patience as we work to do that,” said John Lewis, Jr., CEO of CATS.

The University is negotiating with CATS to get students an all-access pass for the light rail, buses and trolley. The predicted fee is $50.

Once the light rail extension is complete, 107 trains will be arriving to campus each day. It will be a 20 minute ride to UNC Charlotte Center City.



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