EP REVIEW: ‘Chapter One: Blue’ – Bea Miller

Bea Miller dazzles listeners with her new album

| February 28, 2017

“Chapter One: Blue” album cover courtesy of Hollywood Records

Former X-Factor contestant Bea Miller released a new album called “Chapter One: Blue.” The album is the first chapter of her three part album.

Miller says that her upcoming albums will read out like a chapter with three songs. Each album will focus on a specific emotion she felt after realizing that her significant other was harmful to her well-being. The album consists of three songs: “Song Like You”, “Burning Bridges”, and “I Can’t Breathe”.

“Song Like You” is about the happy moments that someone feels with their lover and then realizing that those happy moments were actually hindering you from living your life. I could hear Bea’s sadness when she compared her lover to a song that makes her feel sadness despite the happy moments in the relationship. This is evident in the strong pop and melodic sound of the synthesizers.

“Burning Bridges” is about the anger someone feels when your significant other turns out to be harmful to your well being. The song has a small part that revisits a popular English nursery rhyme, “London Bridge is Falling Down.” Hearing that part of the song made me think of childhood. It created a familiar feeling to the song, like the familiar feeling of being in a relationship for so long. Though, Bea’s version was more anger-filled when she sang the familiar phrase, “London Bridge is Falling Down.” Including a small part of the nursery rhyme created a contradiction. The contradiction relates to the anger and frustration she feels when she really wants to be with someone who is familiar to her, but she knows that they are not good for her.

“I Can’t Breathe” is a slower and simpler song compared to the other two songs of the album. Bea performs the song with a simple piano tune and a heavy voice. She is recreating the feeling of suffocation when someone is in a bad relationship. I could feel her sadness and helplessness when she performed the song.

Bea’s songs always have a powerful message to young girls, whether it be to stand up for yourself or learning to say “no.” “Chapter One: Blue” relates to young girls who might be going through the same sadness and frustration when someone is in a bad relationship.

I cannot wait to listen to her upcoming albums. It will only expand on her journey to a better life after breaking up with someone that holds you back.

“Chapter Two: Red” will be released in May, while “Chapter Three: Yellow” will be released in August.

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