Build an Embarrassing Moment

(And a stuffed animal)

| February 6, 2017

Photo by Kristopher Harris.

Are you lonely? Desperate? Tired of swiping right and just ready to find your perfect match? Your one and only? Or are you happily committed to another? Fatefully in love, passionate and only see tinder in dog commercials and cringey memes?

Well luckily for you CAB was there. CAB was there for you with Build-a-Bae and The Dating Game Show. However, I’m sure people attending the latter had a much better time than the former. Arriving two minutes past two, I entered the rotunda astonished. There was a line wrapping around the Union, from the stairs to elevators, all to make a stuffed animal and presumably find true love. Within the first hour of the event, approximately 200 people stood in line for the magical creation of their animal affinity (I chose a penguin).

The turnout was especially surprising do to the lack of advertisement I personally saw. There was the CAB events calendar, a singular poster in the Student Union and most effectively, word of mouth. The event wasn’t clearly laid out, and I really had to rely on my common sense to understand what was going on. There was a severe lack of structure and labels.

So who was there? From the advertisements you would assume all the single lads and ladies came out to find their ‘bae’. Unfortunately for all of us, it was couples town. Ah yes, all of us single, hopeful participants had to aggressively stuff our animals of choice while watching cute couple after cute couple play with their matching set of plush toys.

While many participants chose to leave after creating their newfangled friend, around 40-70 people chose to stay around for The Dating Game Show. The first game was, of course, for couples. Due to the overwhelming amount of volunteers, the host did the one thing he could do to fairly pick out four couples to compete against each other, a dance battle. After being thoroughly entertained, the four pairs settled into their seats with a divider between them and their partners. After being asked an array of questions about each other and several tie breakers, two couples came out victorious, and most importantly, with a $40 prize. Finally, after pandering to the beloved, we got to the true purpose of the event, the singles. With another dance battle, the game show continued on for a few rounds, so that everyone was aware that they would still be single by the time it ended.

Overall, this event was a cute idea, and I understand how it went well last year and why it will most likely do well again next year. I do advise that if you are to participate, like most CAB events, bring a friend (or five). Or if you’ve found love in a hopeless place, bring them along so everyone else can be sickened by your presence (somewhat joking). The CAB staff was very friendly, helpful and easily identifiable for questions. Towards the end of the event there was even unadvertised food. You really never know what you will get from CAB, so make sure to give it a shot whenever possible.

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