Photos by Kristopher Harris and Natasha Morehouse.

Every spring, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte hosts the Annual Student Juried Exhibition. This exhibition showcases student talent in the Art Department and throughout UNCC. This year’s juror is Irina Toshkova, Gallery Director, New Gallery of Modern Art. This event is the highlight of the year for the Art Department and numerous awards and prizes are given at the opening of the event.

On Monday, Feb. 13 , I visited UNCC’s annual exhibition and the first thing I thought about after visiting was that you never make yourself talented, you’re just born that way. Being an exchange student from London, which is also known as a center of modern art, I wondered how “art” can be so versatile. There was so much to see out there. Art students represented different types of work, starting with direct political conversations to specific traditions. Participant and Chairs Choice winner Brianna Robinson commented on the event itself, “Personally for me now this exhibition means way more than I thought it would be. In my work, I tried to show how I felt with anxiety and tried to embody it. That’s why I used red a lot. I think I clearly showed my emotions. Also, I like how many people are involved in this and how many people are coming here to support us.” Alexandra Giannell, event coordinator, said “Art means something different for everyone. The definition of art is open, subjective, debatable. As we know there is no agreement among historians and artists, which is why we’re left with so many definitions of art. But, the concept itself has changed a lot over centuries. In today’s exhibition, our students showed those changes in concept that happened. Our exhibition divided into two parts, here downstairs you can see more abstraction work, in the upper level you will find direct political conversation work. For us, it is not just an exhibition, it is a way to bring students together to share opinions and feelings, this is, I guess, what art is about.”

At the opening of the event Alexandra Giannell awarded the following students:

  1. Sapun Ngoensritong
  2. Nora Shafter
  3. Jamila Brown

Honorable mention: Nicole Rhodes, Deryn Lopez, Kez Webster and chairs choice Brianna Robinson.
At the end of exhibition, students got the opportunity to ask questions and give some advice to each other. Even though they were tired, they all agreed that it was a great opportunity for them to participate and exchange experiences with other art students.